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Kettlebells Training III

more action and eassy 3D your body machine training.


Lazaro Almenares is a Personal Trainer and an advanced Kettlebell instructor.

His attributes also include teaching Professional Spinning, Cycling, Bodypump, Swiss ball, Latin Dance-Zumba, Mix Martial Arts, Pilates, Bodybuilding and strength conditioning training classes. Lazaro is also qualified as a nutrition weight management specialist

Lazaro has been very successful in the sports industry for over 20 years and has been involved in producing a number of champions. As a former athlete and champion, Lazaro is use to delivering a wide range of sports and fitness classes, workshops, seminars, grand prix events, charity and voluntary work.

Lazaro has been continuously developing training programs and nutrition for juniors in preparation for the Olympics and major UK events. He is also well known in the bodybuilding industry and regularly competes at the BNBF and NPA shows.

His training programs are very often featured in magazines such as Beef, Muscle & Fitness. Men and Fitness and Ultra fit. Lazaro's training techniques and tips can be seen on The Active Channel "SKY 449.


Cuban Cardio
RELEASED 16.06.2010
Cuban Cardio Kettlebells
RELEASED 28.12.2010
Cuban Cardio-High Energy 
RELEASED 11.10.2010
Cuban Cardio-Swiss Ball
RELEASED 31.10.2010
Lazaro- Crazy Cuban Abs
RELEASED 20.11.2009
Real Fitness
RELEASED 14.09.2011