Recovery, Build & Keep Your Doctor Away


Recovery, building, energy! Your plan to "keep the doctor away" This means that sadly, one apple a day isn't going to cut it. But if you combine an apple with some of its fruit and vegetable buddies, you'll definitely help keep the doctor away, fitter, healthy and happy. Any apple will do, but the Granny Smith variety has been proven especially effective at boosting the good bacteria in your gut. Not only that, because they're grown for their tartness they won't contain as much sugar as other varieties like Honey Crisp, Gala, or Red Delicious. For the best effect, you should eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. For example recommend the following for a Powerful flavonoid health cocktail: a cup of tea, an apple, an orange, 100g of blueberries, 100g of broccoli, This combo will put you at the flavonoid levels of the super healthy, heart-disease average. However, it can be difficult to eat that same combo every day. Another option is to can reach for EGCG (the antioxidant found in green tea), a catechin or other flavonoid supplement. Just be sure to locate a source that doesn't compromise on quality and that has at least 500 mg of flavonoids. And your regular exercises minutes 30 minutes a day 3-5 times a week