One Beer


Here’s one thing you can still do this Day (and it’s good for you!) Celebrations! This days are weird one, with so many bars and restaurants closed and so many of us stuck inside.

But I’m hoping you’ll still get to nosh on some corned beef and cabbage And even better? Feel free to wash it all down with an ice-cold beer.

That’s right...The latest research shows this “forbidden” beverage – one that mainstream has warned us against for years – may actually add YEARS to your life!

  • Beer may promote longevity

Sometimes, there's nothing better than kicking back with a cold brew after a long, hard day. We tend to view beer as a guilty pleasure maybe because we're constantly reminded by the media about the dangers of alcohol misuse. But you should be pleased to hear, when drank in moderation, the benefits of beer go far beyond relaxing after a stressful day. You see, a new study reveals that drinking a glass of beer everyday can actually increase your chances of living longer.

The best results come from drinking about eight ounces of beer with moderation and for real not everyday. Perhaps the drink's life-extending benefits come from its effect on the heart. Previous studies have shown that beer can boost your levels of "good" cholesterol and protect you from having a heart attack. And the darker the beer, the more nutritious it is! so you known why Guiness is so popular! If you do choose to partake in any celebration day festivities, just be sure to keep it to two (short) cans of beer for the guys and one for the ladies. And please. Anything more than that may do more harm than good. While you're at it, maybe go for a nice long walk and your know this times of social distance just your 20 minutes a day to get some heart-healthy benefits, too.