Add More Years To Your Life


The Anti-aging heart elixir adds years to your life. So I'd like to propose a way to start the day. It's a beverage that will deliver real and lasting benefits instead of risks. Best of all, it doesn't just taste great with an almost endless variety of light and refreshing flavors to choose from. Also it can also help fight chronic disease, literally adding years to your life.

Drink more green tea, add years to your life! The secret is in tea. Like coffee, tea is an antioxidant-rich brew with proven benefits. In fact, research shows it can help fight off some of today's top killers, including heart disease. Any tea at all is healthy, but the new study finds you have to drink it often to enjoy the life-extending benefits. Plus, the study revealed something else about this brew. Not all tea is equal, to get total protection, you've got to go green. Because while black tea certainly packs a health punch of its own, it's also oxidized. Which, as the word implies, means some of the beneficial antioxidants could be wiped out. That's why drinking green tea could help cut your risk of:

  • Heart disease by 20%
  • Death from heart disease by 22%
  • Death from all causes by 15%

Let's make this even better. If you make a long-term habit out of green tea, you can get more protection. Drinking it regularly for about few years could cut your risk of:

  1. Heart disease and stroke by 39%
  2. Fatal heart disease and stroke by 56%
  3. Death from all causes by 22%

Palate pleasing flavors may have more benefits. The reason the benefits grow with the years isn't just that it's a good habit. It's that while green tea is loaded with healthy polyphenols, they don't last very long in the body. They're like fuel that gets burned off quickly. So you have to keep refilling the tank, or you won't get all the benefits. If you aren't a huge fan of the flavor of plain green tea, you're in luck. These days you can find a wide variety of infused green teas with all kinds of fun flavors to tickle your pallet. And in some cases, the infused flavor can boost the health and antioxidant profile of the tea even further. Just be sure to pay attention to where your green tea comes from. Tea grown in low-quality soil can pick up the lead, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, and more. My advice? Get a high-quality green tea. Avoid the cheap stuff and especially avoid tea from those given the lax regulations, lack of oversight, and poor quality control over there.