Cuban Cardio Collard Green and Potato Soup

both of which are rich in vitamins. with the efficiency of chewing and drinking at the same time.

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Cuban Cardio Roasted Sweet Potatoes Blank Beans Goats Cheese

Unwrap the black beans by themselves and they also become a natural gift to your bones, because of their high calcium and magnesium

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Breakfast of Champion The Cuban Cardio Super Morning

 it is important to put something nutritious into your body before a workout. A smoothie or...

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Rice and Mince Stuffed Peppers

Rice and Mince Stuffed Peppers (serves 2)

Try these delicious stuffed peppers for lunch or dinner with a green salad or just by themselves. The ingredients make it a complete meal...

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Tonno e Fagioli Cuban Cardio Style

Tonno e Fagioli Cuban Cardio Style (serves 1)

Try this classic Italian dish for a quick, simple, protein and fibre packed meal or snack.

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