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 Many women arrive at their menopause transition years without knowing anything about what they might expect, or when or how the process might happen, and how long it might take.

Very often a woman has not been informed in any way about this stage of life.

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Don't let holidays weigh you down

Don't let the holidays weigh you down!

It's that time of year when we notoriously overindulge, but "The cuban cardio " is here to help you make it through the next few weeks of holiday parties, family dinners and eating-centered events without gaining any weight.

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Kettleblast Master Class Show

We will be delivering  the ultimate training master class workshop 

This training system adds a new dimention and improve.... 

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Living with Osteoporosis

Bone is made up of two types of tissue.

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Diabetes & GI

GI and Diabetes

The GI Diet is a hot topic in the world of nutrition! But what is GI all about and does it work for diabetics?

GI stands for GLYCAEMIC INDEX. This is a way of categorising carbohydrate foods based on whether they make our blood sugar levels rise quickly, moderately or slowly.

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