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Kettleblast Master Class Show

We will be delivering  the ultimate training master class workshop 

This training system adds a new dimention and improve.... 

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Living with Osteoporosis

Bone is made up of two types of tissue.

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Diabetes & GI

GI and Diabetes

The GI Diet is a hot topic in the world of nutrition! But what is GI all about and does it work for diabetics?

GI stands for GLYCAEMIC INDEX. This is a way of categorising carbohydrate foods based on whether they make our blood sugar levels rise quickly, moderately or slowly.

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kettleblast DVD

Free KettleBlast DVD Giveaway Competition

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kettleblast training

Get in shape fast in 2015!

Get in shape fast in 2015 with the exclusive KettleBlast Training System presented by Kettlebell expert the cubancardio

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