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Stress The Killer Stress

 The Cuban Cardio Tips on How to Reduce Killer Stress

Nowadays stress has become a casual part of our lives since the world is full of stressing things and factors. Killer stress can cause a serious damage to your mental and physical health and can cause various disorders and diseases. It’s vitally important to find the solution to all life problems, which keep you tensed and stressed.

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The Cuban Cardio Selection of Training Variables

In order to correct and target effective training variables appropriately there are specific guidelines to follow 

The selection of appropriate repetition range is one of the most important training variable in training programming. Reps range influences other training variables such as the tempo, sets and rest. The intensity and reps range are intrinsically linked and proportional as the

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Knowing your body.The most effective workouts

Smartest Way to Build-Tone-Sculpt- Fight Fat: Figure Out Your Shape

The sooner you face the mirror and figure out your natural shape the faster you’ll be on your way to your best bikini body ever. “Knowing your body type helps you identify the most effective workouts so you get the best results possible.”

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Helping To reach your goals

The Cuban cardio Helping to reach your goals

Dear Amigos amigos!!

Here we are at the end of 2014 and about to start 2015 and I’d like to wish you a prosperous and healthy Happy New Year 2015!!!

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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas

Beware injury free this Christmas Holidays shiing and skating

Make sure the skates are nice and snug and they don't have too much movement.

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