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the one emotion that no one even thinks of as a health condition....

Yes, all of the diseases you truly fear can actually start with anger, the one emotion that no one even thinks of as a health condition. Soothe this deadly emotion naturally. You might believe there's not much you can do about this one. After all, emotions are hard to get control of, especially anger (and especially with the nonsense going on around you right now). But there are ways to bring the boil down to a simmer, reclaim your calm, and ease your spirit. And when you do, you'll be avoiding the inflammation and chronic disease that comes along with it. Ready for this? Keep active, exercise and plain old chamomile tea. No, really! Because thanks to a powerful bioflavonoid called apigenin, chamomile is a great natural relaxant that can also help you sleep better at night. Want something a little stronger? There's an exotic root from the remote Pacific islands that's been used for centuries to ease anxiety, stress, anger, and more. It's called kava kava, and it's available as both a supplement and a tea.