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How To Feel Better

How to feel better! If you want your entire body to feel better, join me here! Because a new formula called; Get fit with Latin Spirit! has just been perfected. It rewinds ageing at a biological level.

  • There are too many health benefits to list here. But perhaps the most amazing part is how you will feel when you try this.
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Stay One Step ahead of dementia and Obesity. But here's the important part, changes don't happen overnight. They can take time to take hold. And that's excellent news. Because it gives you the most important weapon of all in the battle against dementia. Which is, of course, time spotting the early warning signs could give you a head-start in the race to protect yourself and your aging brain. In some cases, you might know you've slowed your steps as you walk and struggle a little more than usual with memory. But you can also ask to have both gait and memory tests added to your annual physical to chart your progress more carefully, find that for memory, in particular, the free recall test is the best way of tracking the form of decline you need to watch out for. That's a test where you study a list, then repeat what you remember. If you're declining on both measures, talk to your doctor about steps you can take now to start protecting yourself from dementia. That may include brain-friendly nutrients such as B vitamins, fish oil, ginkgo, and citicoline or brain exercises designed to keep your noodle firing on all cylinders.

These warning signs mean trouble for your brain. You have one shot at it. One best chance of stopping dementia in its tracks.But the question is when to act. For years, experts have struggled to answer that question. Because they know taking the right steps at the right time could be the key to protecting your brain, and you could ensure the usual memory loss of aging never turns into something worse. But they've been stumped until now, what might be the first clue. And it turns out it's actually 2 things that happen at same time. When they do, when you notice them, it's time to take quick action. Because this could be your first and best chance to block dementia. And I'm going to show you exactly how. this combo sends dementia risk souring.

The problem isn't a little memory loss by itself. That's pretty common as we get older, and it doesn't always mean dementia. And it's not walking slower, either, by itself. Because, again, it happens. We don't love it when it does, but it's a fact of life that none of us are as fast on our feet at 60-80 as we were at 40. Both certainly can be risk factors for trouble ahead. But the real alarm is when they happen at the same time, hand in hand. Or, in this case, step by step. When your memory loss is matched with slower walking, and the two decline in tandem, your odds of suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease speed up. By a lot. This double jeopardy increases the risk of dementia by more than 5 times. And in some cases, it could mean your dementia risk is a jaw-dropping 10 times higher.