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Fight Back Obesity, Diabetes & Cancer

Reduce the risk of obesity and dementia. According to previous evidence, obesity is responsible for about 5% of all cancers. However, the original numbers were far too low In fact, obesity puts you at more than double the risk as previously thought! However, just as this widened view of the cancer-obesity link has revealed Bad News. it's also brought about some Good! Specifically, our knowledge of what you can do to reduce your cancer risk has grown in kind. Here's what we need to know:

  • How to fight back against obesity. Our first step is to tackle your diet.
  • The most impactful thing you can do is to drop processed foods and sugars

Do this by eliminating almost any food that comes in a box. Pasta noodles. instant dinners, junk food. What's more, try to limit foods rich in carbs like bread (or almost any food that's white in color!). If you've been following along with my Tips you probably already know. These are the first two steps in the Paleo Diet! add plenty of vegetables. Dark, leafy greens are among the easiest to work into your diet and among the healthiest for you. They're chock full of vitamins, fiber, and more. Lean meats and fish come next, followed by healthy fats, seeds, and nuts. Small amounts of fruit is also good just be careful. Most fruits contain a large amount of sugar. With Paleo, you'll notice the pounds dropping Fast. And since you're adding plenty of fiber, you should feel full while eating less. But you can take your efforts up a notch by adding curcumin, a healthy diet and curcumin, make a remarkable weight loss. But when they combined curcumin with black pepper extract (piperine), the results even more dramatic! And when you add this with just 30 minutes of regular exercise, 3-5 times a week, you won't just be losing weight and lowering your cancer risk. You'll simultaneously Slash your risk of other killer conditions like: Diabetes. Heart disease. Dementia. And more!

Beat rheumatoid arthritis Naturally. There are a few, highly effective ways you can reduce inflammation naturally. First, via your diet. You have your choice of dozens of fruits and vegetables that can reduce inflammation thanks to their antioxidants. In fact, eating a colorful array of vegetables and fruits is one of the very best ways to help control RA. Your best bets are high antioxidant foods like berries (in moderation), darky leafy greens, and beets. Of course, this kind of diet is also associated with reducing your heart disease risk. You can also turn to one of the most powerful antioxidants currently known to man, curcumin. Derived from the spice turmeric, it's even been shown to perform similarly to statins; reduced "bad" cholesterol (the primary use for statins) and triglycerides. The key with curcumin, though, is to find a supplement that has black pepper extract included. And some exercises. Without it, your body will have a difficult time absorbing curcumin and you won't see the benefits you want.

Regular Exercises 3-5 times a week. Minimum 30 minutes a day. And Pour yourself a mug of health protection. This trick won’t reverse the damage of constant bad eating, of course. But it is a good start. Caffeine could help get you back on track and ease the toll of extra weight and some less-than ideal food options (especially if you made a little too merry last month).

Now, coffee and tea already provide plenty of benefits from the polyphenols, minerals, and other healthy compounds in them. But this specific benefit doesn't come from any one of those healthy ingredients. The credit goes to the part some people still think is the bad stuff the caffeine, decaf. And those critters don’t give any benefit at all. Only the ones that got the real deal got the real benefits. Clearly, caffeine isn't the bad stuff at all. And along with helping to reverse the damage of poor diet and weight gain, it's also been shown to help protect the brain from cognitive decline, dementia, obesity and more. So if you aren't caffeine sensitive the next time you brew up a cup of coffee and make sure it's turbo-charged