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A Diet Mistake Could Destroy Your Health

The diet mistake sobotging your natural grow hormone. Ask anyone from your barber to your doctor, and they'll tell you a healthy diet means slashing the fat, you don't even need to ask most of the time. People love to hand out unsolicited diet advice. Go low-fat, and you will be fit as fiddle they'll insist. So why do you feel so weak and rundown all the time? for real the truth might shock you.

If you're following that advice yourself obsessing over the fat in your food and stressing over the meat and dairy you eat, you need to hear about. It turns out you can relax and start to eat more of the foods you love again. And most importantly, when you do, it could help restore your drooping energy and sagging strength. Plus, it may even help protect your heart at the same time. Because the truth about the low-fat diet. It turns out, it's ruining men's health by reducing their hormone levels.

How low hormones specially testosterone could destroy your health? Your body needs a certain amount of fat including saturated fat for overall proper function. And is any indication, men, in particular, need it. Mens who go low-fat have lower levels of testosterone, the essential manly hormone. The levels are enough to be considered deficient (at least by standards) clearly lower overall. Men on a normal diet had levels of 435.5 ng/dL, versus 411 ng/dL for men following the pushed low-fat diet. That's precisely the wrong direction for your hormones. Because in older men, in particular, lower levels of testosterone can lead to:

  • Low energy
  • Memory struggles and Brain Fog
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle loss

Testosterone is also essential to blood flow and heart function. In fact, lower levels can lead to coronary artery disease and even heart failure. and Low -Fat can eassy be linked to Low Testosterone. Part of the reason for the drop is that your body needs cholesterol (especially HDL) to make hormones, including testosterone.

  • Cut the fat, and you cut the cholesterol. Cut the cholesterol too much, and you could miss out on your hormones.
  • A low-fat diet could also cause you to miss out on other hormone-balancing essentials, including protein and zinc.

OK don't get me wrong. This isn't permission to go hog wild and scarf down on every fatty food you could find. You'll end up eating a lot of junk food that way, which will do just as much harm as your low-fat diet ever did.

  • Instead, it's just a call for a return to common sense when it comes to diet. Stop stressing about eating healthy fats. And that includes some full-fat dairy and your favorite cuts of fresh, organic, meats.
  • If you're looking to make some changes say to lose a little weight skip the processed foods and refined carbs instead of stressing and obsessing over your fat intake.