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Stay Alert Protect Yourself For This Special Summer Coronavirus Era

How to prepare yourself for this special summer coronavirus era.

The summer is coming. And just a few weeks ago that qualified as the biggest hope we had for taking control of the coronavirus crisis. Flu fades in summer. Ditto for the common cold. And for real, the warmer weather will give us a much-needed reprieve from the pandemic that's claimed more lives, mental health staments and counting. Well, there will be some good news and bad news. On the bad side, the coronavirus might not fade away in summer after all. At least not as much as people are hoping. There's no evidence yet that the weather will have a major impact on the COVID-19 virus. In fact, there have already been outbreaks in some very hot places, including Africa, Asia, Indonasia, the Middle-east and multiple locations in South America, where it's hot and humid are currently dealing with a complete disaster.

Now for the good news. The good word about coronavirus and warm weather. Early studies do find that heat weakens the outer layer of the coronavirus. Humidity can stop it from lingering in the air. And UV light (aka sunlight) can kill the virus. Overall, it also seems less likely to spread outside than inside. These factors won't stop the coronavirus completely. So don't let your guard down. But they could help to slow it down and limit the spread during the warmer months. And that means the coming season may help reduce the number of cases overall, even if it never really goes off the radar during summer like cold and flu. In addition, new all over the world reports that this lesser seasonality  means the expected resurgence in autumn and winter later this year and into 2021 may not be nearly as big as some people fear.That's the so-called "Spanish flu scenario," which struck in 1918-1919. The first wave, in spring, ended as warm weather hit and vanished for summer. But then, the flu came back with a vengeance in winter for a far deadlier nightmare wave of "second spike" infections.

I will advice you to boost, shield, and arm your immune system for this summer and beyond. Let's hope the times is right about that one. But in the meantime, as I explained earlier there's no reason to sit around wishing you don't catch whatever the latest circulating illness is. Instead, you can protect your body by giving your immune system the support it needs in its year-around fight to prevent all kinds of illiness, virus and infections. And with the warming weather that can start with something I know we're all itching to do. Go ahead and head outside and enjoy this beautiful weather exercise or walking outdoor.

It's the perfect tonic right now, especially if you've been shut in for weeks or months because of the coronavirus. You're less likely to get sick, being outside can soothe your nerves, and the sunshine will trigger the manufacturing of immune-boosting vitamin D. Just remember stay alert always to continue to observe social distancing by keeping at least 2 meters from others, avoiding crowds and gatherings, and wearing your mask whenever there are others nearby. And don't forget to plug any common sense in your diet. Experts urge people to support their built-in immunities by making sure they're getting at least the right levels of all the basics. You can start with:

  • 20-30 minutes daily of regular exerises, 3-5 times a week
  • The mineral zinc, from a good multivitamin with minerals. And then focus on a few other vital nutrients.
  • 200 mg or more of vitamin C
  • 250 mg of EPA and DHA
  • 2,000 IU of vitamin D

The coronavirus might stick around this summer, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the season. Just take common-sense stay alert and take precautions when you get out there to enjoy taking up some of that healing sunshine while having fun exercising.