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Reduce Bad Mood. Protect Your Heart And Boost Your Immune System

How your mood could actually break your heart. Ever heard of dying from a broken heart? Well, it turns out the old saying isn't just a figure of speech, a direct link between the mind and body. And, more specifically, between your mood and your heart. If you've been battling depression lately or perhaps just had a struggle here or there with some of the curveballs life can throw your way you're going to want to keep reading. Because what the study uncovered could literally be a matter of life and death, if you've been singing the blues, you could also be suffering from slow and silent damage to your heart. We're talking about the kind of harm that could put you on the path toward heart disease, heart attack, and an early demise. But, I've also got an answer. There's a way to solve both issues at once. It's a solution that could both lift your mood and help fight off some of the worse cases of depression without risky drugs. And better still, this same all-natural compound can also deliver the ultimate protection for your heart. Regular exercises and a healthy diet.

Boost mood and heart health at the same time. But I promised you a solution. Exercises. And I've got another one curcumin. This potent extract comes from turmeric, a spice that's often used in Indian foods. Turmeric gives dishes such as curry that gorgeous golden-yellow color, turmeric went head-to-head against the drug fluoxetine (aka Prozac) in patients battling major depressive disorder. And it matched the effectiveness of the drug but worked without the side effects. As fantastic as that is, I can make it even better. Because this very same all-natural compound has also been shown to help enhance the function of the endothelial layer of your blood vessels. Specifically, it can improve what doctors call "flow-mediated dilation." That's a measure of how well your arteries open up to let blood through. It's a major indicator of heart and overall cardiovascular health. Want a little more help on both fronts? You've got it. Try some fish oil, too. As I mentioned last week, emerging evidence finds that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can also help fight depression, including in cases where drugs didn't work. And like curcumin, fish oil isn't just great for your mind. It's even better for your heart.

Depression could send your heart risk souring. Anyone who's battled depression knows the truth. It's not just a matter of feeling down. And it does so much more harm than just sapping the joy out of your life. Depression takes a real physical toll. It's one you can feel, in the form of fatigue, energy problems, and even physical pain. But it turns out the worst part about depression may be what you can’t feel. And that's the increased inflammation throughout your body, which can take a severe toll on your overall cardiovascular health. As a result, new evidence found adults who've had just four episodes of depression have a troubling 20% higher risk of cardiovascular events and early death. If you're a city slicker. the news is even worse. City dwellers who have had the same four episodes of depression have double that risk. Shockingly, scientists say this makes depression almost as big a risk factor for heart problems as things like smoking and high blood pressure.