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Protecting Yourself

Spring ahead and fall back. That's how it's been for generations, ever since the Uniform Time Act of 1966 established Daylight Saving Time across the World. But if you're sick of turning the clocks back and tired of adjusting to new hours every spring and fall you're not alone. A growing number of people feel exactly the same way. But it turns out figuring out how to reset the clock on your kitchen or microwave isn't the only downside to this twice a year clock shift.

Scientists say Daylight Saving Time could literally be hazardous to your health. And many people are calling to abolish this health-harming practice. Studies show there's a slight drop in the heart attack rate after we "fall back." But when we "spring forward" again is when we really need to worry. The springtime clock shift can lead to a host of threats to our health in the days that follow. Some could even be life-threatening. They include:

  • A bump in heart problems, especially in seniors
  • A percent higher risk of medical mistakes
  • A rise in mood disorders
  • More sleep disturbances
  • Increased car accidents  and more

Many people has joined a formal push to end this nuisance for good, advocating for permanent standard time. In other words, the clocks would go back on soon November and then never "spring forward" again. Instead of shifting the clock by an hour all at once, ease into Daylight Saving changes over a week. If your schedule and sleep/wake times are like clockwork, go to bed 10 minutes later on October and every day that follows. Then do the opposite in the spring. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier each day, starting six days before we turn the clocks ahead. When the clocks change, you'll already be on schedule. That should cut back on the risks to your health. But unfortunately, I can't do anything about the clock on your microwave, mine has been an hour behind since spring. Because I don’t use microwave.

So boost your immune defense against viruses. COVID-19 continues to show us many surprises. That's why it's very important that you continue to Boost your immune defense now in case of infection. If you haven't already, you should start your regular exercises, a healthy diet and taking supplements like vitamins C and D, zinc, elderberry, transfer factor, Echinacea, and monolaurin for the best support.