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Kick Out The Virus

Cut your coronavirus risks with better habits. But it's not merely being male that makes the difference. It's that men tend to have worse health habits than women. Men are more likely to smoke. And they're up to more % likely to drink excessively, too. Both of those conditions especially smoking, but also heavy boozing damage the lungs. And that makes you more susceptible to respiratory infections in the first place and more likely to suffer from complications when they do strike. But here's the thing. Your lungs have a sort of superpower.

They have an incredible capacity to heal themselves, especially when you stop damaging them with something like tobacco.
So my amigos don't just treat this coronavirus self-isolation period like a stay-cation. Treat it like one of those rehab shows. Use it to kick those bad habits and pick up some new healthier ones:

  • Healthy diet
  • Drink plenty water
  • Regular exercise for now only 20 minutes outside

And ladies, if you have either habit yourself, it's high time you do the same too. It not only could help protect you from the coronavirus out there right now. It'll help ensure the next disease to make the rounds and there will be another one will be less likely to hurt you, too.

An overlooked step to kicking out coronavirus. The entire world is turning a tad obsessive lately.

  1. We're washing our hands like we're preparing for surgery a dozen times a day
  2. Coughing into our elbows and never our hands.
  3. The new six feet away rule.
  4. Social distance
  5. Stay home 
  6. Online Shopping
  7. If we have to go outside, is set in stone for now. And Purell hand sanitizer is hotter than a new Christmas toy at a Black Friday sale.

In the past, people went nuts for Cabbage Patch Kids and cheap televisions, shoving each other out of the way to get their hands on one. These days, however, fights are breaking out over disinfectant wipes and toilet paper. It's all because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, of course, as we try to avoid catching and spreading this potentially deadly germ. But even those steps might not be enough. Because there's another way you might be exposed to germs, potentially including coronavirus, that most people have never considered. As it turns out, you might be practically inviting this virus into your home without ever knowing it. You can't possible get the infection from your shoes! Except then the other shoe dropped.

An infectious diseases expert in UK discovered the coronavirus can live for up to 5 days on rubber, leather, and PVC-based soles. This isn't meant to make you panic. The virus still needs to get into your:

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Lungs

And you're certainly not going to be sniffing or licking your shoes. So overall, the odds of getting coronavirus from your footwear is probably very low. But if you venture outside for grocery shopping or a pharmacy run, it's not zero. And if you're wearing your shoes inside your home, you're potentially giving the germ new spots to rest and hide and new chances to get onto your hands and into your body.