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kettleblast Training instructors course

Students will discover:
•How each of your kettleblast classes will ‘look’ and ‘feel’

• How to use license-free produced kettleblast music to support class delivery

• How the Kettleblast warm-up is structured

• How the kettleblast main section is structured

• How the kettleblast cool-down is structured

• The purpose and reasoning behind each phase of the class

•Justification and scientific understanding for Kettleblast exercise selection

• How to utilise effective coaching skills to enhance kettleblast class delivery

• How to prepare and successfully complete their Kettleblast Instructor summative 

Please take the time to look through the supporting manual  to best help prepare you for the practical Kettleblast course training.

The certified training manual workbook has been developed to provide the necessary tools,skills, and information to assist and support you in implementing kettleblast training system within your club, studio and clients as key feature in the retention and membership strategy interaction and benefits of kettleblast, but very important it includes a step by step guide on how you can effectively engage in a class with your clients to accelerate their results and safely achieve their goals in less time to combat the effects of the population increasing sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diabeties, cardio respiratory deficiencies by offering the most advanced easy to follow and use fitness program that provides a multitude of benefits for the population of diverse ages and physical conditions. 

Kettleblast training main objetive and goals 

-Undestand the basic guideline for effective fitness class. 

-Undestand the basic program class design. 

-Undestand drills ,techiques and key teaching points.

-Learn and undestand health and safety consideration in the class process.

-Learn safe and effective integration into current systems and programs.

I’ll let you know upfront, the kettleblast alone, or as a supplement, is great for conditioning and overall strength. Many of my studies have been conducted on kettlebell and high intensity interval training core strength and the general concensus is that kettleblast is great for any strength and conditioning program, primarily weightlifting ,powerlifting,bodybuilding and combat contact sports , special population and sport specific.

 kettleblast training system alone is enough to whip you into shape quickly because it:

Improves cardiovascular health 

Increases strength and muscle mass 

Improves maximal and explosive strength

Improves power 

Increases Vo2 Max and conditioning

I think you get the point, kettleblast training is a very powerful tool. It takes a good amount of explosive power and coordination to use a kettlebell properly and that is why kettleblast skills are easily transferable to most sports.

There are a lot of variations of exercises and many different types of drills you can do with kettleblast training, but here are some of the most common exercises to learn: swing, windmill, goblet squat, pistol squat clean, snatch, Turkish get up, push press, with mininum rest between sets. If you want to increase conditioning and intensity.

There are tons of fitness exercises, programs, and DVDs out there, so if you want to get serious about kettlebell with effective results, let’s talk on a more realistic basis. Here is kettleblast training, you can add it to your current training, that will help you gain a little edge,without overtraining or injuring your body. It primarily focuses on endurance, strength, power and fat loss the rest is up to you.

Kettleblast Instructor Training Mission Statement

Kettleblast Training is dedicated to provide training and education that enables the learners to develop their knowledge and skills in order to offer greater service and results to their clients and class pariticipants

Kettleblast™ Instructor Training Aims and Objectives


kettleblast™ Training's Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshop aims to provide learners with up-to-date knowledge and skills training, giving each learner the opportunity to develop their professional skills in their work.

Objectives learners will:

· Receive detailed and timely information in relation to the aims, outcomes, content, assessment, resources and timetable of the training

· Receive a kettleblast™ Training instructor Work Manual to augment the training day and contribute to the knowledge and skills of the learner

· Receive feedback in relation to their skills and knowledge as a result of attending the training

· Take part in SkillsActive endorsed CPD training that is designed to contribute to their professional development

· Have an opportunity to comment and evaluate the training programme

· Have an opportunity to identify any specific learning needs and be assured that their learning needs will be accommodated to the best of our    ability and resources.

Ojectives of Kettleblast class instructor course: by the end of this course you should be able to:

- Identify information which needs to be gathered prior to a session

- Identify appropiate screening methods, these should include visual, verbal and written

- Explain the procedures of informed consent

- Identify the purpose of duty care and REPs code of ethics

- Explain the procedures for medical clearance, PAR-Q

- Explain the importance of maintaining confidentiality and data protection

- Identify when to defer or refer a client to other professionals

- Discuss the planning requirements for each component