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Feel 500% Better Keep In Good Shape

Feel 500% Better Regular exercises and a Key mineral to keep your body in tip-top shape! It's a mineral called taurine, and it's an absolute miracle when it comes to fighting diabetes, high cholesterol, weak muscles and more. You see, your body is made up of building blocks called amino acids. And taurine is the leader of them all. It's found in your white blood cells and even helps your cells absorb calcium. It's a true multi-tasker. Not only is it helpful in preventing obesity and disease, it can also treat disease especially diabetes. have seen success with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as diabetes-related conditions like kidney disease. And when it comes to your heart, there's almost nothing better. In fact, taurine is already being used by some experts for cardiovascular issues! They've seen it regulate blood pressure and lower harmful inflammation. It makes you wonder why we haven't caught on yet! But you can still find taurine for yourself at your favorite health foods store or online. In no time, you'll be protecting your body from diabetes and more, firmly locking that final block in place.


Build muscle strength for healthier ageing. Now Vitamin’s D is, of course, a great idea at any age. And with so many people running low, there's a good chance your own levels need topping up too. Your GP can order a simple blood test to check your levels. A little more time under the sun, so your body can crank out its own D, won't hurt, either (just be sure cover up or head inside before you burn). The sunshine vitamin gets even more critical as you get older, as it's involved in bone, immune function, cardiovascular health, and so much more. But let's focus on muscle for today Along with boosting D, make sure you cover all your muscle-boosting bases. Eat more protein, especially dairy and fresh cuts of organic, grass-fed meat. Many people don't get enough, and that can speed muscle loss.

  • Don't forget amino acids, especially muscle-friendly creatine, betaine, and taurine.
  • Exercise is important too. No need to join a gym or torture yourself. Just putting the muscles to work a little bit each day doing things you enjoy, like gardening swimming, walking, or dancing, will do the trick. Sure, you might not win arm-wrestling a Bodybuilding or a Fitness physique contests anymore. But you can support healthy muscles to stay strong and independent at any age.