Reduce Risk Of Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes And More


Fruits and vegetables with cancer-fighting potential that work similarly to anti-tumor and cancer drugs, something you can get for a few cents a serving and charging you (or your insurance)The best cancer-fighting foods; prevent an impressive 50% of all cancers. And found the following foods, straight from Mother Nature, matched with the most cancer drugs: “Sweet" oranges. water melon, Grapes. Carrots. Cabbage” Wild" celery. Coriander. Dill. Tea.

In addition to being in a form your body can recognize, there's one big difference between real foods and drugs. By eating the whole food, you're getting all of the nutrients. These nutrients work together and often better than they do in isolation. “Sweet" oranges, coriander, and dill all contain a flavonoid called dydimin. It stops cancer from progressing to other areas of your body. Each and every one of these fruits, vegetables, and herbs are high in antioxidants that can spell disaster for cancer cells. And tea contains catechins, terpenoids, and tannins. Three different forms of compounds. Their complementary actions cause cancer cells to kill themselves and also quench inflammation. In other words, there's simply no way to replace or replicate the benefits of whole foods. Check with a holistic doctor to see if you can use any of these foods (or supplements) to replace drugs. Or simply for prevention!