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Weight Loss Without Surgical Risk

You've made yourself a promise! This New Year will be different? You're going to lose the weight, finally, no matter what. Even if it means doing the one thing you were hoping to avoid. Even if it means weight-loss surgery.

My friends. Weight-loss surgery's have hidden toxin side effect. Right now I'm going to share with you the one secret that will ensure you never need that surgery. Despite your past struggles, you can lose weight quickly and effortlessly. And you don't even have to wait for 2021 to begin to see the incredible, life-changing results. It can start right now. But, let me give you a very important reason to avoid that weight-loss surgery. Because of reveals a new risk. And it's absolutely terrifying.

  • The toxic toll of stomach-shrinking surgery: Fat in the body is like a sponge for toxins. It sucks up chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and organochlorine pesticides. It's bad enough to know they're just sitting there in your body, threatening your health. But it gets worse. It turns out weight-loss surgery could send the threat soaring. The key point is, bariatric surgery can essentially squeeze those chemicals out of your "sponge" of fat and into your bloodstream. And once they've been unleashed, things can quickly turn into a real show drama, serious horror movie. Those rampaging toxins could lead to organ damage, trigger chronic diseases including cancer, and increase your risk of early death.

According to much evidence, for every 22 pounds lost through weight-loss surgery, the levels of these creepy chemicals in your blood jumps by 25%. In some cases, those numbers surge even higher. The biggest risks are older people. And that's because they were born in an era before many of these chemicals were banned. They're increased exposure means they have more of them stored inside the body's fat reserves in the first place.


Slim down without weight-loss surgery risks. And remember, that toxic side effect is just one of the risks of weight-loss surgery. Bariatric procedures can also lead to infections, chronic reflux, frequent throwing up, and, in some cases, potentially deadly problems absorbing nutrients. And you face all of that risk for a surgery that's not a magic path to weight loss. You don't go under the knife and wake up an hour later with a new, slim, beach-body ready. You wake up at the same weight as you were when you went under. It's what happens next which leads to weight loss. And here's where it gets really crazy. Most people turn to this surgery because they think they can't possibly succeed on any diet. But after surgery, you're forced onto just about the strictest diet of all. In most cases, it's a nearly liquid diet for up to a month. That's followed by limited solids in tiny portions. And then you graduate to a new lifetime eating pattern of itty bitty meals. And don't forget your regimen of exercises 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. It's a little easier to stick to this plan that diet's and exercises in the past, of course. But only because if you even try to deviate, you'll end up puking. But it's not easy by any stretch.

There's a better solution than risky weight-loss surgery and the extreme diet that goes with it. It's a far more forgiving exercise-eating plan you can follow on your own, with no surgery at all. The key is to quit processed foods avoid anything refined restrict sugar and make sure all carbs are healthy carbs. When you quit processed foods, you'll quickly detoxify. The lack of excess sugar will help reset both your blood glucose and your appetite. And that means it will be easier to eat more sensible portions without having to worry about puking. And avoiding the junk carbs will trigger the weight to practically melt off your body with your regular weight-loss exercises.