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The Secrets How to Look and Feel Amazing

What does it take to stay looking and feeling amazing as we age? sharing my secrets:

  • Healthy diet: Do not underestimate the power of a nutrient rich diet and home cooking. Food can make or break you.
  • Good sleep: So often overlooked! Sleep is when we recover and a good night's rest can help build muscle, lose body fat, give you more energy and improve your skin.
  • Regular exercise: We were born to move. Cardio, resistance training and movement throughout the day are more and more crucial as we get older.
  • Supplememtation: A large percentage of the population are deficient in essential nutrients and minerals. Speak to your coach to get guidance on what could help you.
  • Meditation: In this busy world, we all need time to be still and calm the mind. Mental health is something you MUST focus on to make positive changes in your life.
  • Mindset: Your outlook determines your age and the number on your birth certificate is not the problem. If you commit to being youthful, you've achieved the first step. Feeling old is nothing more than a frame of mind.

Ultimately it all depends on how you choose to lead your lifestyle and where and how you interact with others. Environment, your social circle, daily interactions and activities can help wellbeing more than any pill or face cream.

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