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Reduce Back Pain. Restoring Functionality

Do this every day to erase back pain; You'd think with all of the time spent at home these days, that your back pain would just disappear. But the reality is, your pain isn't going anywhere. All of the sitting and laying around at home could actually be making you suffer worse than before quarantine started. Fortunately, I have just the trick to get you up out of your seat and back on your feet! fixing your back pain without drugs!

When you're in pain, your first thought is to rest and avoid moving the painful part of your body. But the truth is, if you're experiencing back pain, one of the best ways to relieve your pain is with more movement. And practicing pilates, tai-chi or yoga may help in reducing back pain and restoring function. Those who practiced this form of exercieses experienced a reduction in their pain after three months; And they also were able to restore a moderate amount of function after six months. As I've shared with you before yoga is a mind-body therapy that is often recommended for back pain because it not only alleviates some of the suffering, but also helps relieve the stress that accompanies it.

  • Practicing yoga for just a few minutes daily 3-5 times a week could help you gain more awareness of your body, helping you bring yourself into balance and alignment. Some of the best exercises to try for back pain are:
  1. Cat-cow
  2. Downward-facing dog
  3. Extended triangle
  4. Child's pose

There are plenty of yoga programs available even for seniors with limited mobility. And you can even find plenty of free demonstrative videos. While there is plenty of research that supports the use of pilates, tai -chi and yoga to treat back pain, it may not be appropriate for everyone. So, speak with your doctors before starting any exercise program. Remember Pilates, Yoga and Tai-chi are not the only ways to find relief. there are other natural sources of relief.