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Making The Switch To A Healthy Diet And Regular Exercises.

Making the switch to a healthy diet and Regular Exercises. Boost Higher testosterone:Our hormone levels plunge as we get older in men and women alike. And this change, in particular, can be brutal for anyone because their bodies rely on those same hormones for muscle maintenance, strength, energy, and of course libido and overall body function. But it turns out exercises and eating a healthy style diet produce higher testosterone levels on average. So it's no coincidence that as well as improvements in overall health, including circulation, arterial stiffness, and fitness levels, and poor circulation and low testosterone are often at the heart of sexual problems at every age. And even if you aren't as active in these days, those same issues can lead to fatigue, weakness, chronic health problems, and earlier death. The good news is transitioning to exercise and diet is pretty easy.

  • Start by 30 minutes a day exercise.
  • Quitting ultra-processed foods and focusing on the fresh stuff instead.
  • Swap out some red meat in your diet for more poultry, fish, and produce.
  • Toss the inflammatory vegetable oils and replace them with olive oil. And feel free to snack on nuts and you can have a little red wine from time to time.

Those are the basics.....Make the changes, and you could be well on your way to improve your health. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help support heart health, trim your waistline, and drive down your dementia risk. In fact, eating this way is associated with a bigger brain and better memory. Join my training program get fit, healthy, hppy and younger fast.