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Exercise Reduce Your Illness Symptoms

Regular exercises the cure to boost your immune system. Rating the urgency of your illness symptoms. Just like a four-alarm fire rating system, your potential coronavirus symptoms can be rated by urgency too. The more urgency it has, the higher its alarm level. And remember, if you're ever unsure or experience anything alarming, call your Dr or head to the ER immediately. I assure you the medical professionals will be glad you did, even if it turns out to be a false alarm:

  1. ALARM: Coughing might be the most notorious symptom of the coronavirus, hitting up to 80% of those with the infection. But by itself, it's no reason to panic as it's also a hallmark of the common cold and other much less severe respiratory infections. Typically, a cold will have a wetter and often more productive cough, while the coronavirus will be drier and from the chest.
  2. ALARM: Muscle aches and fatigue are a little more alarming. They don't typically arrive with the cold. They are more common in the flu and, in some cases, coronavirus (especially when fatigue is part of the equation).
  3. ALARM: If you've got a fever, then it's very likely something a little more than a cold. Fever is typically a part of the flu, pneumonia, and other infections. And it's often a hallmark of COVID-19, especially a high-grade fever of 102 to 104.
  4. ALARM: Coronavirus also packs a few really unusual symptoms. If you lose your sense of taste or smell, for example, that's a really strong sign you could have the coronavirus. The infection can also bring nausea and diarrhea when colds, and the common flu, typically do not. Shortness of breath can also accompany more severe respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.

All of the precautions we're taking to stop the coronavirus spread will also help slow the spread of all the rest of the illnesses that circulate during fall and winter, too:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Social distancing
  • Wash your hands 
  • Topping off your immune system with exercise and essential nutrients each day could all help ensure you never have so much as a sniffle this season.