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Boost Your Immune System In The Era Of Coronavirus

How to arm your immune system in the age of coronavirus? Sitting at home and worrying won't do you any good. And listening to the news all day long will drive you nuts. In times like these, you need to take action to power up your immune defenses. Even now currently in a "lockdown," there are still efforts we can make at home to arm our immune system to help keep all safe. And they're all very easy steps immune-boosting tips everyone needs. We still don't know what works for COVID-19. But We do know one thing: A strong immune system is the greatest defensor against any Illeness and virus, of course.

I recommend keep healthy with immune-boosting supplements like:

  1. Vitamins C and D, Zinc,
  2. Elderberry, transfer factor
  3. Echinacea
  4. Monolaurin

But I also think these simple tasks can go a long way with regular exercises:

  • Get up and move!: Did you know that when you exercise, you're not only making your muscles stronger, you're also preparing your cardiovascular system, too? Pretty awesome stuff! What's more, running and walking can also release endorphins the body's "feel good chemicals." These chemicals can boost your mood, which is very important in these tough times.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Make your plate colourful Berries, avocados, nuts, carrots, and other fruits and veggies that all contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. And as an added bonus, don't forget to load up on vitamin C with oranges, red peppers, kiwi, and tomatoes.
  • Sleep: Sleep helps to reboot your system, and not to mention, it also helps to release cytokines, a protein that can help the immune system fight off infections. While we're all mostly at home, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get your 40 winks in each night!
  • Catch some sun rays: Nothing can beat vitamin D as an all-natural immune booster. Vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of respiratory infection, regulates cytokine production and can limit the risk of other viruses such as influenza." Just remember, if you do go outside: Keep a six-foot radius between you and others. 
  • Stress releases hormones: That can impact your immune system. So, it's essential that you make efforts to reduce your stress levels. Try to take a few minutes each day to practice deep breathing. Socialize with family and friends on the phone or through video calls. And most importantly, reduce alcohol contributes a great deal to our anxiety and stress with all that's going on.