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Better Blood Pressure Faster And Effective

Slash blood pressure by eight weeks without sacrificing salt.

In late January, almost no one had heard of the coronavirus. And even those who had never imagined a worldwide pandemic. Just eight weeks later, the nation was shut down. And it was pretty much the only thing we were worried about. Certainly not civil unrest and nationwide protests.

Eight weeks after that well we all know what happened next. The fact is no one ever really knows what the next eight weeks will bring to the world outside. Hopefully, we can look back two months from now and say it was a little calm for once. But I do know what you can do for yourself over those eight weeks. You can make one minor modification that can lead to major improvements where they matter most. In fact, this one simple change of habit could help:

  • Slash blood pressure
  • Erase heart strain
  • Block heart muscle injury

Best of all, there aren't any big sacrifices you need to make to start reaping these rewards. And supercharge your heart health in just 8 weeks. So are you ready for this advice "prescription" for a healthier heart? All you have to do is eat more fruits and vegetables. and regulars exercises 3-5 times a week just 30 minutes a day. Really, that's it. And given the wide variety of tasty, fresh produce in season right now, it's the perfect time to get started. The new study shows how this way of train smart and one delicious diet tweak can cut your risk of;

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes 
  • Obesity 
  • Dementia 
  • Infections 
  • Inflamation and many more 

Is an in-depth analysis of old data on the more restrictive Dash diet, specifically designed to cut blood pressure. And eating more fruits and veggies. 8.5 servings per day, or more than double the 3.5 servings a day in the more typical Western diet. And the new analysis finds that even without all the other changes, the Dash Light seen many of the same benefits as the full Dash diet. Within two weeks, the blood pressure dropped. And those BP levels remained lower for the entire eight-week plan, also revealed lower levels of heart strain and injury to heart muscle over those same eight weeks.

But here's the most amazing part. These heart-healthy changes will take place despite no differences in sodium levels. And they even showed up when didn't  lose weight. You can recreate these same results at home simply by bumping up your own daily fruit and veggie servings. and regular exercises doses. For example:

  1. A small banana is a serving.
  2. A larger one counts for about 1.5.
  3. Ditto for apples and pears and other fruits.
  4. A half-cup of berries is a serving or one cup of leafy greens.

You get the idea. You aren't going to have to be eating from sunup until you crawl into bed at night because these aren't massive amounts. So it's easy to, say, double up and get two servings at a time with a slightly bigger bowl of berries or fix a simple salad that translates into 3-4 servings. In other words, it's super easy to do. And super-healthy too. In fact, if you get started today, you could slash your blood pressure and drastically cut your risk for a heart attack or stroke by the time you dig into the fruit salad at this year's.