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Blast Shape-Up

Many people waste hours exercising simply by not knowing the best way to train for maximun results in minimun time.

  • In just 15-30 minutes you can work all the muscles of your body and get a thorough Cuban Cardio Workout that will leave you feeling great and looking lean, toned and energised.

Whether you are. For beginners and experts. At home, park or gym. You can get fit in less time than you thought posibble.

  • Lose unwanted fat in just 30 minutes.
  • Add new muscles. feel 500% good, helathy and younger.
  • Get fit and look toned, and energised fast.

Do not train longer. Smart training 30 minutes a day. 3-5 times a week is all you need!


  1. Warm-up 5-10 minutes 
  2. Perform every exercise 20 seconds with a 10 second rest between every exercise
  3. The intensity 7-8 moderate to intense from scale 0f 1-10 
  4. workout duration 20-30 minutes
  5. Cool-down 5-10 minutes 

Exercises description:

  • Bend and reach 
  • Pile overhead squats
  • Pulsing squats
  • Rear lunges 
  • Abdominal lie down touch toes 
  • Diverbomber press-up 
  • Quadraplex
  • Inner thigh lifts 
  • Hips raises 
  • Donkey kicks 
  • Bridge pose 
  • Abdominal and glutes the Crab