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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas

Beware injury free this Christmas Holidays shiing and skating

  • make sure the equipment fits. Poor fitting skates too big is the first preventative measure a skater can make to avoid unnecessary ankle movement on the ice.
  • Make sure the skates are nice and snug and they don't have too much movement.
  • make sure your are physically prepared. If they weigh a bit too much or have spent the last year seated at a desk, they probably won't have the best muscle control to deal with the wobbles that ice skating brings. They won't have time to build a decent level of muscle control this close to Christmas so advise them to stay close to the sides use them for support, keep the knees and hips bent to lower the centre of gravity less chance of falling over and just take it easy.

The other popular pastime at this time of the year is skiing. we recommend the following exercises to prepare you, friends, family and help give them better control on the slopes, skills, techiques

  • Slant board squats. Standing on a slant board and the hips and knees bent to 45 degrees, try and hold the squat for as long as possible until the quads can no longer take it. Rest a minute and try again. Then again. This will help build some quads endurance necessary for skiing.
  • Single leg supermans. Standing on one leg on an unstable surface (cushion, boxing mit) slowly hinge the hip whilst keeping the back straight. The body should end up being quite horizontal with the non-stance leg out straight to help counterbalance the forward body lean. Aim for 3 sets of 10 reps each side. This works on not only hamstring/glute strength but it is also a great balance exercise to develop single leg limb control, all too important in a sport like skiing.
  • Side planks. Prop up one 1 elbow and keep the feet together and hips off the floor. Hold for 20-30 seconds then alternate. Do 3 sets. This is great for the lateral trunk stabilisers that will help the skier stay strong on the skis.

Finally we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your keen interest in the cuban cardio over the last months , and more importantly to wish you all a very merry Christmas a prosperous best happy new year fit and strong, enjoy all the fun and festivities.