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Swiss Ball Core-Stability Training



  • The Core is the foundation base, if that base is weak or out of alignments, the whole foundation collapse:
  1. How to improve and develop effective solid core zone and reach stronger muscles fast and safe, successfully.
  2. How to train your core mixing a wide range of exercises targeting those muscles from many different angles using all planes of motion.
  3. How allow to position your body to increase the training using a Swiss ball, with this unstable surface creates proper instability, in the body, forcing the whole core muscles to work harder, holding the body in place and the spine stability.
  4. One of the advantages of the Cuban Cardio workout Swiss ball is the comfort of easy to follow, easy to use and perform.
  5. Most traditional core exercises on the floor limited range of motion, and these training programme contribute to preventing injuries, improve health and fitness benefits, and build your dream, solid, impenetrable defined midsection.
Core Stability Training £75.00
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