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The cubancardio salsa aerobic dance and steps salsa dance is defined as a choreographed interval training set to pure Cuban salsa dance, Colombian and new york salsa style music. The main difference between aerobics and the cubancardio salsa aerobics is that salsa aerobics incorprates moves from pure salsa style dance.

Some people choose to simply take dance salsa classes in order to lose weight. In some kinds of dance, like jazz and hip hop, this can be very effective because the dance requires rapid, intense movements. Other kinds of dance like ballet and modern can help to tone the body and lose a bit of weight, but are often more focused on form and the perfection of movements. As such, taking a class that combines both dance and aerobics is a great way to learn some dance steps and also improve fitness at the same time. While dance classes may do the same things, it is likely that they will be more focused on learning specific steps and less on improving fitness, which is the ultimate purpose of the cubancardio salsa and steps salsa aerobics class.

salsa aerobics and step salsa aerobic is a trend in the field of weight loss and exercise that uses movements common in types of Latin dance such as pure salsa to promote fitness. Although the movements in Latin aerobics and steps latin aerobics are drawn from dance, the exercises associated with this aerobics trend do not always resemble an actual Latin dance. It is common for specific movements drawn from salsa dance to be repeated in circuits in order to target specific muscle groups. In dance, however, movements are linked together to create a series of movements that are pleasing to the eye.

There are a number of ways to practice sala aerobics.the cubancardio has produce a programme that sell fitness instruction materials, have produced and now will start distribute videos and DVDs on salsa aerobics. These videos usually include an introduction to salsa aerobics as well as a few levels of aerobic routines that can be used according to one's fitness level. salsa aerobics has also become common as a course offering in USA gyms. we are the first in UK trainers in salsa aerobic latin dance,and steps salsa aerobics instruction, or both, to instruct gym members and Fitness instructors about how to use salsa dance movements to complete aerobic exercise routines.

One of the reasons the cubancardio salsa aerobics has become popular is that it is practiced to the beat of salsa music, which many people enjoy. Much Latin music is intended to be danced to, so exercising along with it can be enjoyable as well. People are always looking for fun ways to stay in shape or lose weight and it seems that this trend in salsa aerobics has fit that niche for people who like salsa music and Latin dance.

Step Salsa Aerobics

Step Aerobics is different from other forms of aerobic exercise due to its use of a stepping platform over which exercise moves are performed in combinations that range from basic to complex. There are several types of platforms for different types of exercises according to their level of difficulty. 

Stepping up and down works the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteals, while the constant movement of the class elevates the heart rate. It is estimated that step aerobics can burn as many as 35% more calories than running alone because the body is being constantly dead lifted over the bench. So, if you suffer from aerobic boredom, it may be time to give step aerobics a try. You’ve really got nothing to lose.

The thing that arouses the interest in the cubancardio salsa steps of most people is that you could think of your own choreography and practically do whatever you want. However, there are several moves and techniques that are practiced by the cubancardio instructors. Often these moves are called the salsa step moves. It is custom for the cubancardio instructors to create different sets of moves to be executed together in a class.  Usually a set consists of moves differing in duration. These elements are put into routines and when all the students learn the routines, the group is ready to start having fun while burning calories.

the main goal of the cubancardio  Salsa aerobic  is burn calories. The amount depends on the length of exercise time and speed of movement. This way you get a great endurance workout and by that maintaining the health of your cardiovascular system and lungs. You also get quite more flexible and it is very noticeable after few months of training.

The cubancardio Step salsa aerobics is low cost and suitable for all ages so don’t overlook it. Grab a towel and head to the cubancardio training . You can create acquaintances with others just like you. And since we live in a hectic daily grind, salsa aerobics is a great way to let off steam and overcome stress!

Step salsa aerobics is an ideal form of workout for both men and women, who want to get in shape, build up strength and have fun. Whether you do it in a class or do it at home on you own or with a partner it is a convenient mode of exercise that requires very little equipment. All you really need is the step itself and some loose fitting sports clothing. Energetic music is important, optional but it certainly helps you keep motivated during your workout. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get salsa stepping! and get fit with the latin spirit !

Benefits the cubancardio  salsa aerobics-step salsa aerobics programme

In addition to strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system, participation in regular aerobic exercise has many health benefits. Aerobic exercise: 

•Improves your circulation and helps your body use oxygen better

•Increases energy

•Increases endurance, which means you can workout longer without getting tired

•Helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease

•Helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes

•Helps reduce body fat

•Helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight

•Helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression

•Improves sleep

Emotional Benefits of salsa latin Aerobic Dance

Participation in physical activities such as salsa aerobic dance and step salsa dance  can work wonders when it comes to emotional health.

The activity is known to improve moods by stimulating brain chemicals that make you feel relaxed.

Long term participation can alleviate feelings of depression and boost confidence. Plus, the social aspect to salsa aerobic dance and step salsa aerobic classes can assist with building meaningful relationships.