Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Cuban Cardio Terms and Conditions

Forwarding payment in any means to the Cuban Cardio Professional Development demonstrates your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions as detailed below.

This is an agreement between Cuban Cardio Training Course Professional Development to be known as for the purpose of this document and you. These terms and conditions apply to your application for a programme of study and subsequent matters arising from that application. They aim to outline your obligation as a learner and our obligation to you. All bookings are subject to availability.

For the purposes of this document “ Instructor Training Course” refers to any Cuban Cardio programme of study including related assessment(s). All bookings and alterations to bookings are made subject to availability.

Additional support for learners with individual needs

  • the Cuban Cardio will offer support to learners with individual learning needs and/or disabilities. It is the learner's responsibility to inform the Cuban Cardio of any individual needs on the application form so that appropriate support can be provided.

Balance Payments

  • Balance payments are due at least four weeks before the programme start date. If the balance payment is not received by this time, all fees paid will be forfeited and the course place will be cancelled.

Cancellation & Transfer Policy

  • The Cuban Cardio will advise learners of any intention to cancel a course at least three weeks before the intended course start date where permitted.
  • If a training course is cancelled within this timeframe a free transfer or refund will be offered.
  • No refunds will be given for any transfer or cancellation requests made within four weeks of the course or assessment start date, unless a medical certificate for the learner has been provided. There is however, a seven day cooling off period for telephone bookings, during which you can cancel or transfer free of charge.
  • Fees may be transferred free of charge from one course to another if more than four weeks' notice is given. Refunds for cancellations made with four weeks' notice will be subject to either the deposit amount or 50% of the course fee if there is no deposit.


  • Certificates are issued in the name stated on the application form. Replacement certificates can be provided for an additional fee. Please contact Info@cubancardio.com or call 07889928117 for further details. Certificates will not be issued unless the course fee has been paid in full.

Changes to personal details

  • It is the learner's responsibility to ensure that Cuban Cardio is provided with the correct personal information. Changes to name require a copy of legal documentation. The Cuban Cardio will not be liable for any errors due to incorrect personal information.

Confirmation of choice

  • Signing an application form and/or the terms and conditions section on the application form confirms that the learner is attending the course of his or her own choice and that, even if an employer or other party is paying the fees, the learner accepts the value of the course and its benefits.

Data Protection

  • The Cuban Cardio will comply with the Data Protection Act in respect of any information supplied by you to us and ensure that your data is fairly and lawfully processed and only used for the purposes for which it was given.
  • Fees which have not been set against a particular course
  • Monies that are transferred for any reason into a holding account will be held up to one year only. After this time any unused fees will be lost.

Health & Safety

  • All learners must comply with the legislation relevant to the working areas and behave in a manner that does not put his/herself or others at risk. All learners must familiarise themselves with Fire Evacuation Procedures. Corridors and stairways, which are provided for the safe passage of people using the venues, should not be obstructed.

Invoice bookings

  • For courses paid by companies rather than individuals, we require a completed application form and purchase order which includes (in block capitals) the full name, address and telephone number of the authorising signatory, accepting our terms and conditions.

Postal and Bookings

  • The Cuban Cardio will not take any responsibility for delayed postal and applications. Course bookings will always be processed on a first come, first served basis, and will only be accepted when accompanied by a completed, dated, and signed application form and appropriate payment. A deposit (where applicable) must accompany applications submitted more than four weeks prior to the course start date to guarantee a place. Deposits are non refundable. Purchase order payments must be accompanied by a completed, dated, and signed 'purchase order cover sheet' and a fully completed, dated and signed application form. Full payment is required at time of booking when made within four weeks of the course start date or where no deposit is applicable.


  • Any refunds will be made to the individual or company that made the initial payment(s). If payments have been made by more than one individual-company then, where these have been separately identified at the time of payment, the net refund will be made to the individual company concerned divided in the same proportions to the original payments.

Re-sits-individual assessments

  • Re-sit assessments are not included in the course price so there will be additional fees if you refer. Assessments and re-sits cannot be cancelled or transferred within four weeks' notice of the assessment start date. Requests for cancellations or transfers before this time will be subject to an administration charge amounting to 50% of the assessment fee.

Telephone bookings

  • Telephone bookings must be accompanied by telephone payment. There is a seven working day cooling off period for telephone bookings, the day of booking being the first day. During this time, a cancellation or transfer can be made free of charge. This does not apply once the course has started.

Unacceptable behaviour

  • Aggressive and/or threatening behaviour and any other conduct likely to cause offence or harm to others will not be tolerated on the cuban cardio courses including without limitation: offensive and or racist language and behaviour; acting in an unsafe manner; harassment of others; damage or defacement or property; disruption to the work or recreation of others; bringing alcohol or drugs to the learning environment. Any learners guilty of such behaviour will be removed from the course and all fees paid will be forfeited. If any learner's behaviour results in breaches of the law, the cuban cardio  reserves the right to involve the police and to prosecute the individual(s) concerned.


  • The use of the course venue and its amenities is not included, other than for the purposes of the course being attended unless otherwise stated. If learners wish to use the facilities at a venue they must check with the venue staff prior to use and follow staff instructions.