Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We aim to ensure that learners receive a consistently high quality of training from each and every tutor and at different venues where they are trained and assessed. To ensure a consistently high standard of training and assessment across the range of training offered, we will ensure that we will maintain a quality provision as specified in the SkillsActive Code of Practice and Quality Assurance Guidelines. You may view our Quality Assurance Policy here.

The Cuban Cardio Quality Assurance Procedures

As a Training Provider, we recognise the importance of making sure that each learner receives a consistently high quality of training from each and every tutor and at each venue where they are trained and assessed. To ensure a consistently high standard of training and assessment across the range of training offered, we will ensure that we will adhere to the specified criteria in the SkillsActive Code of Practice and Approval Criteria.

Our Internal Assurance Procedure will include the following tasks to ensure consistency Quality Assurance Plan

1. Identify a suitably qualified Quality Assurance Verifier (QI) who is responsible for verifying the quality and standards of all of our training programmes.
2. Produce an IV Sampling Plan that ensures:

  • Training and assessments are observed and monitored against the SkillsActive quality standards by an experienced and qualified Trainer/Quality Verifier to ensure that there is a consistent level of quality across all of the training and assessments
  • Assessors are sufficiently trained and qualified to make valid and reliable assessment decisions.
  • Adequate support and training for inexperienced trainers/assessors
  • Experienced tutors/assessors to support less experienced tutors/assessors

3. Verify Assessment Decisions & Assessor Performance and provide written feed back to trainers and assessors in relation to:

  • The extent to which the training and assessment meets the SkillsActive quality standards in relation to validity, reliability, sufficiency and authenticity
  • Assessment planning, assessing performance and other evidence, making judgements, giving feedback and recording decisions
  • Their competence and development needs

4. Conduct regular meetings with Training and Assessment team to:

  • Discuss and agree actions towards standardisation and retain minutes of meetings
  • Review training programme and assessment practice to identify action plans for development
  • Discuss and agree staff development needs and action plan for implementation

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5. Ensure that all existing and newly recruited tutors/assessors are technically and occupationally competent. Evidence of the following for tutors and assessors:

  • Observation of teaching, assessment performance and assessment decisions
  • Curriculum Vitae retained for all newly appointed trainers
  • Evidence of relevant and current qualifications or certificates in the area they are delivering
  • Evidence of current and relevant Teaching and Assessing qualifications
  • Evidence of Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) registered membership

The Cuban Cardio Instructor Training Course and assessment is endorsed by SkillsActive (www.skillsactive.com). The training contributes to your professional development and on successful completion of the training and assessment you will be entitled to REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) CPD points. Please refer to www.exerciseregister.org for information on how to upload your REPs points online. 

Customer Service and Complaints

We aim to ensure that learners are given clear, accurate and timely information pertaining to our training and assessment. We expect tutors and staff to provide excellent quality training and assessment at all times. Any learner who believes that they have not been treated fairly or have not received appropriate customer care, may raise their concerns. To do so, please email the Help Desk on Cuban Cardio and your complaint will be handled by Internal Quality Assurer. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

The Cuban Cardio Instructor Training Equal Opportunities Policy

The Cuban Cardio Training is committed to promoting equality of opportunity in providing any and all training and assessments. We are committed to ensuring that all staff, tutors and learners:

  • Promote equality of opportunity for all persons
  • Prevent unlawful occurrences of direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Fulfil the legal obligations under the equality legislation and associated SkillsActive and Register of Exercise Professionals Codes of Practice
  • Promote a harmonious working and training environment where all people are treated with respect and helped to achieve their full potential
  • Take positive action, where necessary, to adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy. You may find our full Equal Opportunities Policy here.