Pre-Course Info

Pre-Course Info

Kettleblast Health & Safety Participation


Before we begin, please complete this standardised Physical Assessment Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). Please also discuss with your course trainer anything else which may affect your participation to complete the Kettleblast Training (High Intensity Interval Training).

Please circle the answer which best applies to your current health:

1-   Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and should limit

     physical activity at times?

     Yes                                                     No

2-   Do you feel pain in your chest when you are doing physical activity?

     Yes                                                     No

3-   Do you often lose your balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose


     Yes                                                     No

4-   Do you have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by physical


     Yes                                                     No

5-   Is your doctor currently prescribing medication for your blood pressure, a 

     heart condition or any other health condition?

     Yes                                                     No

6-   Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and should limit

     physical activity at times?

     Yes                                                     No

7-   Are you currently, or have you recently been pregnant?  (When?)

     Yes                                                     No

8-   Do you know of any other reason why you should not undertake physical

     activity? If yes, please provide some details:

     Yes                                                     No

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, have a history of heart disease or suffer from any other medical condition, you should consult your doctor to check if it is safe to begin physical activity.

Learner Name:  

Sign:                                                                                              Date:

Tutor Name:

Sign:                                                                                              Date: 

Kettleblast Instructor Training Evaluation Form

As part of the Kettleblast Training System’s commitment to provide the best service to our learners, please help by completing this brief questionnaire. Please be as honest as possible as we value your views on the course. Submit this evaluation form to your tutor at the end of the Practical Training Day Thank you.

On a score of 1- 4 please circle the appropriate numbers: 1 = Very Good, 2 = Good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Poor

(Please add additional comments on the lines below each section).

1- The suitability of the venue and resources   1  2  3  4

2- To what extend did the content and training meet your needs?   1  2  3  4

3- What parts of the course did you most learn from?   1  2  3  4

4- What parts of the course could be improved?   1  2  3  4

5- What is your overall impression of the course?   1  2  3  4

Please tick here if you would prefer that this information is not used in future promotions:  

Name: (optional) 

Organisation: (optional)

Trainer 1: 

Trainer 2:

Course Location: 

Course Date: 

Training Provider’s Assessment Notes 


Kettleblast Training Tutor and Learner Agreement

To ensure that all learners get the best out of the training, we expect tutors and learners to agree to a ‘Teaching and Learning Agreement’. 

The Agreement states what is expected of the tutor in the course of the training and, what is expected of the learner throughout the training and assessment.

  • Tutors will:
  • Work within our agreed timetable and start/finish times
  • Inform you of the purpose and process of each session
  • Use training resources that maximise your learning
  • Provide opportunities to contribute to the learning, via questions, comments and feedback
  • Inform you of the health, safety and operational rules in relation to the premises and   equipment
  • Offer individual support and guidance in relation to any assessment criteria
  • Adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • We will expect learners to:
  • Attend the training day and participate in all activities planned 
  • Arrive on time on the training day 
  • Bring all necessary paperwork, activities and complete all home study tasks
  • Wear suitable clothing for the timetabled activity
  • Actively participate in the sessions with colleagues and as instructed by the tutor
  • Take responsibility for their own learning by communicating their progress with the tutor
  • Ask for help and guidance as and when required
  • Behave responsibly towards others and the venue, in respect of Health, Safety and Operational rules
  • Adhere to the Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Adhere to any relevant professional Code of Ethics

Learner’s name:     Tutor’s name:

Learner’s signature:     Tutor’s signature:







Start Time:   Finish Time:

  • 9.00 am Registration
  • Sign-in; ensure PAR-Q, Course Disclaimer and Theory Questionnaire are
  • complete and submitted Trainer to view and counter-sign.
  • 9.15 am Introduction/discussion
  • Setting the scene; class format and class expectations
  • 9.45 am Kettleblast Master-class

A group demo class using the Kettleblast music-all are expected to participate!

  • 10.10 am Refreshments Break
  • 10.15 am Kettleblast class structure and practice

Warm-up breakdown; coaching and delivery practice; using the music

  • 11.05 am Kettleblast class structure and practice

Main Kettleblast class section “THE BLAST”; coaching and delivery practice; using the music

  • 12.00 pm Lunch
  • 13.00 pm Kettleblast Master-class
  • A group demo class using the Kettleblast music- all are expected to participate!
  • 13.30 pm Kettleblast class structure and practice

Cool-down; coaching and delivery practice; using the music

  • 14.00 pm Reflection on teaching and Q&A
  • 14.30 pm Group exercise-planning a Kettleblast class with all components using the music
  • 15.00 pm Refreshments Break
  • 15.05 pm Summative assessment

Briefing, preparation and delivery. It’s your turn to deliver a full Kettleblast Class!

Learners Practical Assessment

  • 16.30 pm Kettleblast Instructor Training Evaluation
  • 17.30 pm Course end Course sign-off and home!
  • tel 07889928117

Additional Venue Details and Instructions:







Parking: Park and display car park-Free parking is permitted 

Nearest Tube Station: Over ground and Under ground, on Central Line (Red Line) or District Line (Green Line)

Nearest bus stop and bus route details:

Bus stops directly 

Any other relevant travel tips:

Please note that these details will also be available on our website on For any further questions call our learner support team on: 07889 928117


Course Disclaimer

I understand that elements of the Kettleblast Training and Official Instructor Manual work course can be physically demanding and that this health screening questionnaire is designed to help me in assessing my fitness for the course. As a condition of my participation I accept full and complete responsibility for my participation in the practical elements and, where I have any doubts about my fitness/health, I have obtained medical approval for my participation. I agree that ………………………………………………………………………… and its trainers/assessors are free of any responsibility and all liability for any death, injury, illness or other health problems consequent on, or subsequent to, my participation in any treatment or training programme.

As part of the fulfilment of CubanCardio Official Kettleblast Training Instructor Course it is understood that all learners participate in all the practical elements of the course.

A learner may be exempt from active participation if he/she is physically unable; through illness, injury or disability. Such exemption must be authorised by the course trainer/tutor.

Release Form

I (learner) ………………………………………………………..…, understand that certain elements of the Official Kettleblast Training Instructor Course can be physically demanding. As a condition of my enrolment I accept full and complete responsibility for my participation in the practical elements of all courses.

I agree to dress in an appropriate manner to attend and participate in the training course.

This means that I agree that all information given in the Confidential Health Screening Questionnaire is true and that, if required by …………………………………….., I shall obtain medical approval for my participation.

I agree that …………………………………….. and all the course trainer/tutor are free of any liability for any death, consequent and/or subsequent injury or health problem that may result from or be aggravated by my participation in the Official Kettleblast Training Instructor Course.

I agree that if any of the details I have provided change at any time during my participation in the Official Kettleblast Training Instructor Course, I will inform my course trainer/tutor immediately.

Learner’s name

(printed): …………………………………………………………..............................................

Learner’s signature……………………………………………………………………………...


Please return this disclaimer to your course trainer/tutor who will place it into the course log for reference.


Kettleblast Training Terms and Conditions

You are about to start the Kettleblast Training Course. Before you proceed, please carefully read the following information and acknowledge that you accept and agree to these terms:

  •  You warrant and undertake that:
  • You are covered by a full and comprehensive valid insurance policy (such as general liability and professional liability insurance) for any risks linked to your activities as a fitness instructor and that such insurance shall cover your services as a Ketteblast instructor. You agree that to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • As a condition of your participating Kettleblast Training Course and your enrolment as a Kettleblast instructor, you hereby discharge CubanCardio , its agents, employees and representatives, to the fullest extent permitted by law, from any and all liability for costs, expenses, loss or damage to yourself or others arising from or in connection with your participation in Kettleblast Training Course or your activities as a Kettleblast Training Instructor, including the performing, conducting, teaching or instructing of Kettleblast Course materials, other than death or personal injury caused by CubanCardio negligence.
  • You will at all times comply with all the rules and regulations, including the safety rules, in force at the venue(s) at which you undertake the Kettleblast Training Course and teach Kettlebast classes. You acknowledge that you are fully aware of the risks involved in undertaking any physical exercise and that Kettleblast exercise routines may result in injury. Where you have any doubts about your fitness/health or suffer any medical condition, you confirm that you have obtained medical approval for your undertaking of Kettleblast exercise routines and submit the medical approval form to your tutor prior taking part in the Kettleblast Training Course and day. CubanCardio shall not be liable for any damage or injury suffered whilst undertaking Kettleblast Training.

Learner’s name:

Learner’s signature:



kettleblast™ instructor training course continued professional development

kettleblast Instructor Training course and assessment is endorsed by SkillsActive ( The training contributes to your professional development and on successful completion of the training and assessment you will be entitled to the following number of REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) CPD points: Please refer to for information on how to upload your REPs points online.

kettleblast instructor Certification

When you have successfully completed all of the modules in this course, we will enter your results into our system. Please allow 14 days for this. You will be notified of your results by email. Your Certificate will be emailed to the email address you provided upon enrolment. Please note eCertificates are issued by email only. If you do not receive them, please check your Junk Mail folder as they may end up in there. To maintain your certification, you will need to continue instructor training membership fee. Please refer to the website for more information

teaching kettleblast 

kettleblast training  workouts can be taught in a licensed venue, even if an individual instructor has completed the official kettleblast instructor training course. kettleblast instructors are allowed to teach outside a licensed venue in outdoor spaces and clients'homes provided they have a kettleblast instructor membership Reps Insurance  . If the club you work for is paying for your kettleblast  instructor class membership, you are able permitted to teach anywhere else in your club. or differents enviroments. 

kettleblast instructors updates: you will receive a new DVD and music CD of kettleblast music for your classes and new moves, as well as the option to view tutorial videos online and download music in MP3 format.

Access to kettleblast updates is only available to instructors who have a kettleblast instructor membership. To access kettleblast updates, you can log into the web site and go to the "music & moves" area. email support. If you require any support or have any questions, please email from the email address you have registered on your account.

customer service and complaints

We aim to ensure that learners are given clear, accurate and timely information to our training and assessment. We expect tutors and staff to provide excellent quality training and assessment at all times. Any learner who believes that they have not been treated fairly or have not received appropriate customer care, may raise their concerns. To do so, please email info@cubabcardio or tel 07889928117 and your complaint will be handled by Internal Quality Assurer. Please allow 24 hours for aresponse.

kettleblast instructor training equal opportunities policy

kettleblast Training is committed to promoting equality of opportunity in providing any and all training and assessments. We are committed to ensuring that all staff, tutors and learners:

  • Promote equality of opportunity for all persons.
  • Prevent unlawful occurrences of direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  • Fulfil the legal obligations under the equality legislation and associated SkillsActive and Register of Exercise Professionals o Codes of Practice.
  • Promote a harmonious working and training environment where all people are treated with respect and helped to achieve their full potential.
  • Take positive action, where necessary, to adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy.You may find our full Equal Opportunities Policy Reps, Skills Active. and