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The Low Carb Diet Myth

Low-carb diet can kill you? Not so fast: Should you go with a nice, juicy grass-fed steak? Or a bowl of whole-grain pasta? It can be confusing. Because going low-carb could kill you! and you know that I recommend the Paleo diet, which practically eliminates all processed carbohydrates. This latest research says that cutting carbs can supposedly put you in an early grave from heart disease, stroke, or cancer, certainly sounds scary but this study is so badly flawed that its authors should have been funny to present their findings as facts! And it gets worse. Who can remember what they ate on the last Wednesday in October this year? It doesn't end there. The people eating low-carb normally had the highest number of smokers. What does smoking increase your risk of? That's right, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. But did they take that into account? Not at all. Then, it gets really crazy. Because researchers also excluded anyone who died from diabetes a disease that a high-carb diet can cause! This study is a joke. But what's not funny is how many folks will take it seriously and start loading up on pasta, cereal, and bread. The best diet is still a low-carb diet, like the Paleo approach to eating. It's so simple to follow: Just focus on food as nature made it, and eat as our caveman ancestors would have. To live a long, healthy life, enjoy all of the fresh meats, fish, dairy, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds you want. and dont forget your regular exercises 3/5 times a week, 30 minutes a day.