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Prevention The Best Cure of Action

Stay away from drugs and try these instead. As always, prevention is the best course of action. Eating a healthy diet, supporting your immune system, and daily exercise is where you should start. That said, you have a few options to beat back cancer once it starts: A botanical herb that's been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) called astragalus has shown promise in making cancer cells actually Self-destructive in several studies. And if you do need to undergo chemotherapy, this miracle herb can make it more effective. It'll even ease chemo's nasty side effects! If you've been reading my Tips you'll know We believe berberine is one of the top herbs you should be using to fight off cancers. Another botanical, it's been found to have cytotoxic effect on breast cancer cells. For example, it was shown to kill cancer cells in a specific breast cancer cell line known as MCF-7. the herb may be able to serve as a naturally occurring treatment for breast cancer therapy! Take berberine's cancer-killing potential to the next level by combining it with curcumin; studies show they're more effective together when it comes to rallying your body to fight off cancer. Talk to a doc well-versed in herbal medicine about how to incorporate these safe options into your treatment plan!

In case you were wondering, cardiovascular events in the study are defined as: Heart attack. Stroke. Heart failure. Or an amputation These numbers and risks weren't studied they're very Real Numbers gathered from human data! And the best ways to stay off these drugs . Put simply, diabetes is a problem with your blood sugar levels. That means the easiest way to sidestep the condition is to simply avoid sugar and simple carbs. Simple carbs are foods like bread, rice, and grains. They provide very little nutritional value and launch your blood sugar levels into the stratosphere. Eating the Caveman Diet (a.k.a. Paleo) will make you avoid them naturally. It's a diet focused on lean meat, fish, and vegetables. You completely ditch any processed foods and only eat fruit in moderation (due to its sugar content). Big fan of fruit? Stick to berries; they're nutrient dense and contain very little sugar. Another way you can lower blood sugar levels is by taking a post-meal walk! Lastly, feel free to add coffee to your routine Studies suggest coffee in moderation can help lower blood sugar levels. No more than one to two cups a day should be more than sufficient. Just be sure to: Drink your coffee Black. Flavored creamers, additives, and whipped cream often contain hidden sugars. Drink your coffee in the morning. Sleep is also integral to preventing diabetes, so you don't want to be bouncing off the walls at night!


If your blood pressure pills Are on the list here's what to do: Regular Exercises, Healthy diet Book your Consultation Now! Do Not stop taking your meds quitting cold turkey can be dangerous. Contact your doctor and ask about weaning off the pills. Start a conversation about drug-free options to manage your hypertension such as diet, exercise and supplemental support like magnesium, L-arginine, and spirulina. Don't let the mainstream's approach to treating blood pressure put You at risk for cancer. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist Today to find out of your blood pressure pills are contaminated with carcinogens. If you are in need of any help or advice please don’t hesitate to contact me Now! and see what can I do for you.