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Don't Be Afraid Be Better Body Transformation

  • Would you like to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Do you need a new fitness routine?
  • Are you looking to become fit but just don’t know which exercises to do?
  • Do you need the motivation to achieve your fitness goals?
  • Are you currently exercising and not seeing results?

This new 12-week programme is guaranteed to make you survival fit and looking better than you dare imagined Body Transformation Personal Training Cuban Cardio

My Dears Amigos, fellows, and friends:

Forget any rippling in two minutes a day scams and stupid workout fronted by Z list talk trainers if you seriously want to guarantee fitness levels up. symmetric perfect body shape, ripped deep definition, hard muscle, looking incredible shape, strength, endurance, flexibility, performance goals reach fast and quick effective safe, up to a celebrity, an elite athletic physique, or top sport and fitness body, others would kill for then this what you have been waiting for.

  • Let's start off by getting a few things straight.
  1. The intense 12-week training programme I'm about to invite you on to is tough. if you don't already have a basic level of fitness and desire to be the absolute best you should stop reading this now.
  2. I'm not going to pad out my advice to you with senseless fluff just to fatter your ago.this is serious, if you think running a few times a week and a tasteless restrictive diet is ever going to make you truly fit then this really isn't for you. this programme is for people who want to gain a powerful advantage over average jokers yo-yo and joe-Pedro in the gym stick with me and I will show you how your body can become tone, sculpted amazing that member from opposite sex will score you a perfect 10.
  3. I want you to get where you want to be fit for everything bigger than ever my new programme will ensure your fitness and body goals are reached quick and fast. whatever is your reason waiting for the best follow my instruction and you will feel and look better than ever in your new life, nothing will stand in your way.
  4. This programme is like no other borne in my year's experience of my career, fitness strong body conditioning for anything. I am very serious about this programme with the determination and powers and commit to achieving that next level of real fitness.

You still here? good, I like that! and you will be already. sorry, for my direct points and now let me tell you more:


This Cuban Cardio Body Transformation 12 week programme is really all about training hard and never looked back. I am not like all those so-called celebrities fitness gurus you find lurking online who used to be pole emaciated nerds. my programme is real fitness my sculpting advice will change everything. fitness is in my blood, over the years I have learnt a lot about what it means and what it takes to be fit to look good to improve health benefits and I am passionate about teaching you the same things, the only difference is you can get there in 12 weeks, I am giving you everything I know. tips, advise, time, help, stage to here is a message to those gurus. if you cant run a mile to reach the adversary. and being a good long distance runner is no help at all if you cant lift and shift at the end of the long run.

Now you cant see why all those that just talk and talk called gurus, experts and the easy quickie programmes have huge voids in their advice they have simply never ever been this fitter this conditioning and I tell you something else they have never been ever looked this good either.If you commit to this. my promise is to make you fit and looking better than you ever have in your life in just 12 weeks transformation programme. ready for you against the clock and have measurable performance indicators built-in distance training variables covered and repetitions performed you will see first hand your improvement week on week. combined with good pro efficient diet and I will tell you exactly what that really is too I would expect to see measurable great improvements in your level of health and fitness, muscle tone and body fat, and weight loss.

This programme is simple to follow, effective and challenging developing all-around fitness, no is no easy, but the workout grows with you, it is based on a periodization model that get tougher week by week but more intensity looking extremely fit with functional training and the most advanced training techniques the making of you in 12 weeks working in muscular strength-endurance, muscular power, core strength, aerobic & anaerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, balance and proprioception feeling better, wellness, reaching your goals with fantastic improvements.With my skills over 30 years of experience in the Sports and Fitness field, you can benefit from one to one training, most commonly known as personal training, with the best of my Cuban Cardio Body Transformation Programme. Whether you are looking for:

  • Weight loss
  • Obesity/Diabetes/Cardio/Back Rehabilitation 
  • Post/Pre Natal
  • Weight gain 
  • Sport-specific
  • General Fitness
  • Bodybuilding
  • Modelling 
  • Events
  • Holidays 
  • Maintenance  

The science of teaching you how to, correctly and efficiently, use the techniques in every exercise, specific training, rehabilitation, pre-post surgery and pregnancy, weight loss and general fitness. I am a highly motivated individual with the ability to motivate others to achieve their best. I am very an enthusiastic team player that works well with a variety of individuals and adjust programmes to suit their needs. also, I invite you to train and learn the moves that keep celebrity and modeling physique in shape using this unique style and technique developed to burn more calories, strengthen your core, legs, abs, glutes muscles and shape-transforming your entire lean and sexy body. these powerful isolation shaping moves are the crazy’s secret weapon for keeping in top form I will demonstrate proper positioning challenges and encourages you through every set. don't wait another moment before starting to improve yourself today is the day and not tomorrow.

The Cuban Cardio Body Transformation fitness programme sculpt and tone lean sexy body many fun exciting and exclusive steps complete total transformation system, in an easy to follow format that will speed your metabolism and shrink your waistline with core rhythms exercises workouts, with me Lazaro the Cuban Cardio get you a moving world-class training conditioning while toning your whole body is a calorie-blasting that makes it exciting to slim a dream body. is a breakthrough program that give you the three most important elements of fitness cardio, resistance and core all at the same time and all in short period, minutes workouts-it works so well because is a Blast workout makes your body become an ultimate fitness machine moving in 3 dimensions like nature intended you are toning and building every muscle, plus core, resistance, cardio, conditioning, functional and you will transform your body in just 12 weeks programme whole body movement the whole body fast results, chisel away unwanted pounds experience the power of the Cuban Cardio combo exercises calorie- fat burning, effective results you will never regret it after you do my workouts but you will always regret it when you don't. from typical non-exercisers to elites athletes growing rapidly because gets fast results a fantastic workout that can be delivered anywhere it's a great way to offer effective sessions is a specific fitness training technique with the ability to target 90 % of the muscles and provide effective cardio and body conditioning, keep you motivate for max results, challenging every major muscle for total slim down.


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Efective Exercises tips 

  • Super-sets. To complete a super-set, you perform two exercises, with little or no rest between. Rest time after you have completed the second exercise. Super-sets allow you to get a lot of work done in a short time. use the heaviest weight you can manage that allows you to remain within the specified repetition range. If 6 -8- 10 reps select a weight that you can lift at least 5-6 times but no more than 10 times. This may have a pretty good idea next week. important keep a record of your loading weights in a notebook for progression.

Cuban Cardio Fitness Test: 

To assess your readiness for the Cuban Cardio Body Transformation program fast results for the exercises prescription answer the following question:

  1. Can you do regular freestanding squat 10-15 time without stopping? Y/N
  2. Can you do 10 press up on your toes no stopping? Y/N
  3. Can you hold in a low press up position 10 sec? Y/N 
  4. Can you hold yourself in a plank 20-30 sec? Y/N
  5. Can you do 15 deep knee bends without stopping sumo squat? Y/N
  6. Can you perform 15 lunges on each leg without stopping? Y/N
  7. can you perform 20 jumping jacks without feeling pain in your knees or back? Y/N
  8. Can you sit on a stability ball with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor without losing your balance? Y/N
  9. Can you from a seat position on stability ball walk out into a bench press position with upper back and shoulders against the ball and feet on the floor and then walk back to the seated position without losing your balance? Y/N
  10. Can you perform 4 minutes Cuban Cardio no break routine? Y/N

The Cuban Cardio Program Test Routine

  • 1-minute jumping jacks holding dumbbell.
  • 1-minute of crossover punches. 
  • 1-minute uppercut punches. 
  • 1-minute Plank.
  • 15 squat thrusts.
  • 1-minute mountain climbers.

After completing the easy piece test sequence rate the challenge fitness Cuban Cardio how you feel on scale 1-5?

  1. I couldn't finish the routine 
  2. The routine felt intense but with time I will be able to do it 
  3. The routine felt somewhat intense .but it was also invigorating 
  4. I got my heart rate up but could have held a conversation during the routine if need to be.
  5. was that supposed to be a workout?

If you answer no to any question you are no ready the core strength training high-intensity interval training Cuban Cardio ultimate body transformation days fast results my dream body now. if you are ready you will experience dramatic incredible results don't feel discouraged if you are physically no ready you need to improved your health fitness level and you will see the results is all about a challenge you yourself your mind your body. 

Nutrition Cuban Cardio Test 

  1. How many meals do you eat a day?
  2. How often do you drink diet or regular soda or fruit juice?
  3. What is your relationship with fast food?
  4. How often do you snack?
  5. How often do you drink alcohol?

you need only 12 weeks and the Cuban Cardio guide advice and coaching teaching technique and your Body Transformation plan workout. for more information please contact me keep tuned for more tips, advice, training course, master class, nutrition and weight management.