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The most you know how your Body Work

To keep your body healthy you need some type of exercise everyday, even just cycling or walking to and from work. Get out there sweat, be body proud, live the dream and have a blast working out, However keep in mind that with working out can come some injuries. A lot of things can cause different injuries. We have a lot of body parts that can be hurt, here are the three primary underlying causes of any injury, watch out for these and you will already be able to stay in your game fit, strong and have fun for longer:


  •  Putting stress on the a body part, muscle, ligament, joint etc that is unprepared for it. This is very common in former athletes who haven't been continiously training for a few years and go too fast too soon. It can also happen to well conditioned active athletes who simply move the wrong way at the wrong time. These can be severe and even shocking. You as instructor think "oh dear it looks like my client really got hurt in my class", although you will probably use stronger language than that. That physical stress can then lead to emotional stress. The devastation of realising your game is over and your dream of achieving a goal has just been taken away from you causes a psychological sport injury and its own effect should not be underestimated.


  • Simply put, this accurs when your body isn't properly trained for the activity you are doing. It happens to people who do a lot of sport. Just because they are fit and healthy they assume they can do anything and then come across a lot of problems. For example, someone who runs nothing but half marathons for 5 years and suddenly decides to do a 100 metre sprint, or a powerlifter for 10 years and then decides to do a 46 kg kettlebell windmill or swing. The whole class is at serious risk of this kind of injury, and guess who is limping home? The most important exercise advice is to train your entire body, switch around your activities to hit all the muscle groups, try plyometric, strength, endurance, power, flexibilty and balance excercises. New dimension classes involve funtional body motion. Kettleblast training will help to train your body for the real world, movement's using single leg work, lunges, squat-jumps that hit a lot of muscles at the same time and keep your body in balance. It is too easy for sport specific people to train only for that sport and that means they are vulnerable to injury when they swicth disciplines.


  •  This one is common sense,if you work your body too hard, it will break down. It is like any other machine that needs maintenance and restoration. A deep drive for excellence and performance is huge for any athlete, it is what fuels you ,but if you don't temper it by listening to your body and knowing what your limitations are, you will never know when to back off and then..... guess who is limping home, again?

Now all that said, you could do everything right and still be injured for any number of reasons. It happens to the best of us but the more you know how your body works,the better you will be able to see how injuries can happen. The benefits to that are twofold. When you are training, visualise and feel how your body is performing at that moment, that makes bad training habits much easier to break. This will help you with better understanding of proper athletic form and better technique and performance and who doesn't want to get better at their chosen sport or fitness class?