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Smart Training Effective Results

Do you seriously train or do you simple exercise? just a fun because there's is a difference between a workout towards specific goals and going to the recreational social atmosphere on the gym floor and only exercise your arms. distracting others training time.

I going to share with you some tips effective exercises to gain outstanding results. The key to success trying to challenge every one of these moves will leave you burned out and will help design your training plan to achieve your aim goals.

  1. Hold on tight hard 2-minutes: This is one of my favorite dead hang this challenging exercise is all or nothing, but if you need to great strength, functional performance in your rotator cuff muscles can make big difference, this exercise improves stabilise the scapula, boost great range of motion, and contribute to build and strengthen all the smaller muscles neglected during your lifting training.
  2. Lift and hold heavy: The point with odd object training raising in popularity like tires, stones, kettlebells, wood, metals, like the atlas will help build strength in your back, legs, and core for bigger stronger powerful deadlift and squat.
  3. Barbell Cossack Squat: Great exercise improve strength and function hips, glutes and adductors muscles, building a solid foundation.
  4. Barbell Overhead Press: Great exercise to prove and challenge your power and conditioning activate the whole body especially shoulders, triceps, biceps, core, and legs.
  5. Rollout ABS: This amazing exercise uses your whole core muscle, working in the arms, full body workout also improve your balance, strength and conditioning and many functional benefits for others sports specifics files.
  6. Power Clean: Explosive exercise to improve power a whole body work you can use a barbell, or kettlebells, just lift and see the results.
  7. Pike Press-up: Build your arms and shoulders and triceps faster and better than any other exercise variation, also work in your hold body gluts, legs, back and core muscles.
  8. Plyometric Press-up: Explosive exercise great cardio and balance your body is in constantly moving, develop full abdominal muscles, power, strength, and conditioning, lifting your whole body off the floor.
  9. Deadlift: Double the bodyweight for best results and benefits during the execution of this magnificent exercise.
  10. kettlebells Turkish get-up: Efficient exercise for whole body total muscles engages as a whole promoting coordination, strength, balance, in others words is a total full-body workout very important keep your eyes focus on the kettlebell enrolling your abs and core muscles during the exercise.
  11. Wiper Hanging legs: Build incredible core and abs muscles especially the obliques and hips, a great foundation for many sports specific movements.
  12. Handstand Press-up: Against the wall will strengthen your whole body especially the arms, core and abs muscles increase stability and range of motion.
  13. L-Sit Hold: Isometric exercises with a hold in the core has been proven increase general strength and conditioning, balance and posture, important is maintain the body in straight line, pointing your toes.
  14. Rowing 500 meters in less than 2 minutes: Rowing against the clock provides a full body workout and because muscles cycle share the work equally repetitive you may recover faster driving for your legs and hips no the spine using the arms.
  15. 1-Mile Run: Are the optimal distance training for improving speed and muscular endurance because only half of the oxygen required can be inhaled, making this form aerobic and anaerobic trend to sprint efficiently and gain fitness results. start practicing 400m them try 800m see the different, then add 1500m and see the results. one mile is the optimum distance between boosting Speed and Power.
  16. Strecting Making Space for more muscle development: This is an old bodybuilder's trick that will help achieve and build a more full hypertrophic powerful physique. a researcher applies in physiology unveiled, intense stretching after working a specific group of muscle has the powerful function to increase muscular mass by more than 300% in few weeks. many old school bodybuilders used and proved effective results in the preparation for competition show to present the best body. for those willing to gain supersized is important to length to stretch the fascia tissues, a fibrous membrane cover around the muscles, protecting the proteinous fibers, the facia also restricts muscles contractions, stretching unlocks those bonds manacles like ropes creating more room and space for more muscles to grow and blow expand size. many exepects recomended for heavy lifting training to strecth before and after exhated muscle group exercise, here some good tips old-school training after working out chest, lie on your back on the bench and slowly lower the dumbbless out to your chest, and hold for few seconds, this will resduce disconforts, pain, and injuries, and the fascia tissues will stretch more elongate, the same key tip applied every group of muscle, for legs globet squats hold position to gain maxium muscular groe development forn legs, or for biceps curls, for lats used pull-over to length the dorzal muscles, or the pull-up with hold.

Whether your fitness level for beginners, advanced and pro athletes follow this tips of pieces of advice to achieve effective fast and safe results. keep tuned for more information visit and get the new Cuban Cardio App: