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Back Up Your Back

The lower back pain is very common issues now a days, the spine is long string of nerves. muscles and bones that all work together synergistically with the rest of the kinetic chain, and when we feel the pain, we suffer from the lack of mobility, core problems, lack of flexibility, and strength, working on strength training program for your core, hips, and hamstrings muscles will help to release the pain free, use your common sense there is a lot of ways how injury, hurt or feel pain in your back, and not necessarily mean to be lifting weights, because it is so common and many people complaint. here I want to share some effective ways to prevent and treat your lower back pain or discomfort, in general muscular back pain no require a doctor issues visit. only if the pain is seriously bad, the doctor will prescribe you some pain killers, to relax may alleviate the pain allowing you to move for a while. some people with massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic can help respond well, sometimes only for a limited time, based on how bad is the pain, including your fitness and healthy lifestyle, and stress, and body posture anywhere, anytime, trying difference therapy may help to get results, we all respond different. stretching, flexibility and strength training with basic core exercises, slow moderated with a special conditioning training programme process is the base and best solution for the problem, including your hamstrings. hips, gluteus and the whole core muscle area with carefully repetition and intensity of the exercises as you progress improving fitness benefits.

What is that muscular back pain Spasms? seriously is the most common back pain, basically in the erector spine including all the muscle around the spine this strong muscles enable rotation, twist and flexion move from the back of the hips along the spine to the base of the skull. in general those muscle become a combination of too tight and weak, also including the same in hamstrings, core, gluteus, and hips flexors, affecting your total body alignment mechanism that force the back muscles to compensate overextension. Never lie down, stay active, walking, moving, or doing simple easy stretching to loosen tension in hips, gluteus and hamstrings to help reduce the pain, discomfort and the risk of injuries.

The origins of the low back pain has been identified by many experts research and studies as a limited hip range of movements. incorrect body postures in our general life, produce by the fatigued tissues surrounding the lower back and the spine. The more muscles you have supporting your back the better off your back will be champion, your fitness program must include dynamic balance compound exercises that target as many of these areas posible, with multidirectional lunges, core exercises with trunk rotational, squats and squat jumps, medicine and Swiss ball, burpees planks mountain claimers, TRX, rowing, cross trainer machine and Nordic walking focus on strength and conditioning with effective strengthening and stretching exercises.

Using this exercises and techniques can help to develop improve movements, focusing on the joints below the pain area, which are often also the cause of discomfort. To boost effective strength hold in the recovery phase, to help reduce more tension, stress fatigue, or pain with a deep diaphragmatic breathing, it will help reduce sympathy-nervous system activity transporting more oxygen to the muscles.

The Sciatic pain comes from irritations of the sciatic nerve a thick rope nerve that cómprese several others nerves roots in the spine, lumbar area or lower back that merge into one, basically is like an irritation of the nerve trapped they may come from different issues the spine and the hips by shooting pains down the knees, legs and sometimes the toes, sitting sleeping and flexing or bending make it 😡😱😫 because they are compressed if the muscle that are tight or spasms it pinch and compress the nerve making bad back pain, specially when sitting for a long time. Ask your Doctor or Physio about lying glute stretch and using the roll. I always recommend and encourage my clients to use the roller trigger point after sessions, special in hips, gluteus and hamstring.

Keep tuned if you are in need of any exercise tip or nutrition advice please do not hesitate to contact me and see what can I do for you.