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ABS Training Biggest Mistakes

People who want to have a six-pack and sexy, tone, define stomach and reach the dreams goals, here the biggest mistake. Scientific research reveals that the most popular exercise of the gyms can make things worse for people at any age, and reduce performance, learn about these exercises and a surprising alternative method.

Did you know the aging process and free radicals? The body changes and starts to gain weight more easily, especially in the area of the stomach? And that's not all, the size of the muscles decreases, which may make think that we are getting weaker. In addition, did we know that the fact of doing more inappropriate exercise can make things really worse? To go beyond, lets would add the fact of we making longer and more often. Therefore, it is not surprising that try to build, a defined body and burns the abdominal fat area is extremely frustrating. The main cause of this global issue is related to the lack of adequate nutrition, weights management, training knowledge and hormonal changes happening in the body. Unfortunately, this is a normal biological physiology-anatomic natural process that occurs while we aging.


One of the most frustrating symptoms is the accumulation of fat tissues around the abdominal area and loss of considerable muscle mass, which results in the appearance of the belly. As a result of minimal physical activities and poor healthy lifestyle at any stage of life. It is possible to reverse the aging process if it is possible to stop and reverse their undesirable effects. Some research has shown that the body has a natural ability to stimulate the production of natural human growth hormones with rejuvenating effects, All part of basic principles that you must begin to apply now, if you want to look better and feel better and stay younger, and achieve great results from correct exercise.

First, let me warn you: What you are about to read is completely opposite to everything you've been hearing and taught about the training programmes. This is real evidence to the fact that only very few people can understand me how to train the body to reactivate the production of natural human growth hormones that play a very important role in the aging process. Then you'll see why those mistakes should be avoided right now if you want to have a six-pack, lose weight and keep it off for good, and perpetual define, solid tone muscles and keep your body with a more look good youthful appearance and health and fitness benefits.


Stop doing too many exercises for the abdomen every day: Those who want to have the sexy six-pack and abdomen totally marked believe that it is a great idea to do crunches, sit-up, hanging legs and roll-up, and many other crazy exercises just only for this area of the body. When people and my clients ask me what is the best exercise for the abdomen, I just simple answer: If you want to have the sexy great six-pack abdomen Why keeping losing time to do those exercises?.

The real truth is that we already have the muscles of the abdomen developed enough, so. How defined and make these visible. The problem is that there is a layer of fat covering the abdominal area and the proof is that to get the abdomen it is to feel and see the shape of the muscle, and yes It is true that exercises for the abdomen may help develop the muscles in the same way that we exercises for the arms, legs, back and chest to define, tone and grow those muscles. However, doing many exercises for the abdomen does not help to burn the fat layer that covers the area. Why?

Very simple to burn fat, you have to burn significantly among of proper calories. According to the best experts research, over 20.000 abdominal muscles to burn 1 lb (0.4 kg) of fat. what do you think?. That scientifically means that anyone who may think to lose a few 10lb (4.5kg) of fat, we would need to do 200.000 abdominals to define the area! I really hope that will have now enough evidence to be convinced that the exercises for the abdomen should not be the main priority if any want to dream to have a six-pack. concentrate on burning fat, and exercising other muscles body parts to achieve the main goal much faster.


Too long cardio training sessions: Whatever elliptical, X-training, climbing, stair-steps, rowing, running, cycling any new type of cardio machines. We know that the main priority to have the six-pack and define abdomen is set to burn fat, in order to burn that fat efficiently, we have to burn more calories than the day we consume. Most people believe that it is necessary to burn fat doing cardio a lot of cardio for many hours a week, some experts research has shown that this is not the most effective way to burn fat and looks younger. in some of my slowing aging process articles I have explained before. These are the reasons for the extreme cardio sessions are not the most effective way to burn calories lose weight and get a six-pack. Why?

The intensity is too low and what you are looking for is to consume all the energy as possible in a minimum amount of time, correct? and in most cardio machines, the amount of muscles that work is less than 50 %. mainly used the legs. While in a proper workout that will stimulate all the muscles. The body gets used to the same exercise after few training days, experts studies show that the body adapts with progression formats at the same exercise, which makes each set, rep, pace, training variables time burn calories with the passage of time. In addition, change the type of cardio exercise after 5 days, the body could get used, which would gradually reduce the importance of effective training results and performance including reach health and fitness benefits. this constant type of training puts the body under stress and may accelerate the aging process.

Think very carefully about this, any training programme, regardless of what type of format it is, creates a stress on the body, which causes a hormonal response. Many experts research confirmed cardio workouts can last between three and six times more than a 20-minute training, which can cause a release of cortisol a stress hormone. very important to know stress can cause a decrease in muscle mass and fat and may cause other symptoms associated with aging, health, and performance.


Maintaining the same prescribed exercise training routine programme: Very often we see people who follow the same workout, exercise training for months, for years and even those who seem to never change of program. look even worse and you know is true, there are many people who do not have a training program, This is the best way to give up, never seen results, get fatter and weaker after being tried for months and years. The reality is that our body does not want to burn fat due to the manner lifestyle in which we have engaged. Many years ago, when we lived in total contact with nature, the fat was useful for our survival. The meals were not guaranteed as it is today, and our body fat could help us survive if we spent some days without eating. Because of this natural survival, our body favors fat storage and tries to spend the least amount of calories. and now for this reason, if you don't change your training programme frequently, your body could get used to these, which would make them less effective. Therefore, following the same training for months and, as a result, your body will remain undefined, fat, weak and poor conditions.


My clients received adaptation and progression exercise periodically between four to five types of training in a maximum period of 4 weeks. After we discard those old programs and modified a new more challenging plan. If we don't change the program with frequency or if you do not have a programme, it is possible that you will never get the results and achieve your dream goals. There is a lot of misinformation in circulation, and the methods that work are very few. Therefore, it is completely normal to feel confused and discouraged listening to many people with not knowing about this matter. I have helped different clients, some of whom have achieved oustanding results. They also were confused and discouraged before you begin. I only ask you to be positive and if you are committed you will have 100% results and I will help you 200% achieve your goals and live the dream in just 12 weeks of body transformation programme with just 20 minutes a day of training.

Now I'm going to show you this ABS type of training of 20 minutes, which has helped me and some of my clients to have six-packs and to burn effective fat faster than cardio sessions. begin to do this training, anytime anywhere and see that burn fat melt much easier and faster. 

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