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The Unique Fiesta Fitness BootCamp


Get fit With Latin Spirit Apply a Unique Holistic Bootcamp which?

Provide the mental coaching required to sustain high motivation after people leave the Boot Camp workout training, run with music, movement, fun, dance, Zumba. Salsa, Cardio. HIIET, Kettleblast training, TRX suspension training, crossfit, circuit training, athletics HIIET, Boxing, Golf and Nordic Walks are the preferred tools. The use of them vary widely between fitness preferences between us and the needs and likes of the clientele.

You will have fun and will enjoy and reach your goals during your stay with us, also I will show you the best Exercises tips and advices, new cooking skills and recipes. Including fitness assessment and weight loss management, The nutrition program will show you the truth about food and how food will affect your mind, hormones, body and fitness.

Get fit With Latin Spirit Fun Fiesta Fitness!

My Unique style and concept will teach you the best ways for you to train to get the best results alongside the benefits of stretching and recovery, and Life coaching program to help and teach you how to set reachable goals so that you do set yourself up for 100% success gurantee. I will look after you and make sure you have absolutely everything you need. Every single person at the Bootcamp is here to serve you and to ensure you have a success life changing and live the dream.

The Unique Fitness Bootcamp aim everyone welcome and acclimate themselves to new team members and training systems. Available for Pro athletes, advance or beginners participants, it serves as a period of mental physical evaluation and preparation, body transformation, weight loss and for everyone willing to change their life, or inactive people. it is time to get back into great shape, good form and recover for any illiness improving health and fitness benefits.

I can wait to welcome you in the fun fiesta fitness Camp, please if you require more information don’t hesitate to contact me.