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Optimise Your Diet With Food Intolerance Testing

As a Recognised Certified Fitness Expert and Approval Training Provider. I recommend to everyone to take a food intolerance test before they start any training programme. Food intolerance can affect significant physical performance and muscle development, our comprehensive results pack will then offer advice on suitable replacement, ensuring that you can fallow a well balance varied and healthy nutrition and Diet that will bespoke to you.

  • The food tests analyse specific IgG antibody reactions, identifying which foods cause a reaction and therefore should be eliminated from your diet. 

Many greatest Olympic Champions and Pro Athletes and people like you suffered with food intolerance throughout their lifestyle and career, which caused severe healthy issues and affected energy levels. After taking a food intolerance test the results will showed reactions to food, after these foods are eliminated from the diet the symptoms will reduced, this will help to improve effective training and achieve outstanding performance and reach your goals.