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Kettleblast Master Class Show

This training system adds a new dimention , incorporating moves that motivate and break up any session, unleashing a new exclusive world class workout broadcasted in more than 190 countries worldwide through The Active Channel on Sky 449 and sattlelite 249. The Cubancardio kettleblast training has been used by pro Athlethes, Celebrities and Fitness Models to achieve better body and tune into their ideal body types.

There are tons of kettlebell exercises, programs, and DVDs out there, so if you want to get serious about kettlebell with effective results, let’s talk on a more realistic basis. Here is kettleblast training, you can add it to your current training, that will help you gain a little edge,without overtraining or injuring your body. It primarily focuses on endurance, strength, power and fat loss the rest is up to you.


The certified training manual workbook has been developed to provide the necessary tools,skills, and information to assist and support you in implementing kettleblast training system within your club, studio and clients as key feature in the retention and membership strategy interaction and benefits of kettleblast, but very important it includes a step by step guide on how you can effectively engage in a class with your clients to accelerate their results and safely achieve their goals in less time to combat the effects of the population increasing sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diabeties, cardio respiratory deficiencies by offering the most advanced easy to follow and use fitness program that provides a multitude of benefits for the population of diverse ages and physical conditions.

Exercising anywhere very hot best tips of advice

it's lovely to be out and about in the good weather, the evenings are light and there's less likely to be horizontal rain driving into your face or gale force winds blowing you off course! However, the heat and sun actually provide potentially far more difficult conditions to run in than anything the colder months have on offer. Without taking the right precautions its not just your performance that can suffer its your health too!
There are two big problems when running in hot weather dehydration and UV damage.


  • Dehydration can be a big problem in the hot weather following heavy and prolonged sweating.
  • Sweating is just the body's way of cooling down, and it becomes more important but unfortunately more difficult in hot weather especially when the humidity rises and the conditions are calm. When heat loss is inefficient your body responds by increasing the rate of sweat production. In hot, humid, calm conditions you can sweat up to 2 litres per hour during high intensity running. Heavy prolonged sweating without sufficient fluid replacement can lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion and in extreme conditions to heat stroke, which is potentially fatal.


  • The other hazard for summer runners is that the amount of ultra-violet radiation reaching the ground increases dramatically. This can lead to sunburn but more importantly to an increased risk of skin cancer. Ironically, unlike dehydration, UV damage has nothing to do with how warm it is. Cooler, breezy days when the air is clean are much more hazardous than the hottest humid days that are often accompanied by haze which provides a shield from the UV.

So take a look at the following tips and prepare yourself a little for summer running:

  • Always take water on board before, during and after the run.
  • Don't wait until you feel thirsty as this means you are already dehydrated.
  • Avoid running, especially long runs, when the sun is most intense (12-2pm).
  • Wear light coloured porous loose-fitting clothes.
  • Always apply sun cream on exposed skin remembering calves and thighs.
  • If you experience cramps, nausea, clamminess or dizziness then stop and walk.
  • Wear a hat and don't strip off because its hot - wear a white T-Shirt with arms.
  • If its hot and humid your chances of heat related stress are much increased.
  • Reduce the intensity and/or duration of your runs.
  • If you run on a treadmill, think about running outdoors as the wind factor cools you.
  • If you have to train indoors, train a powerful fan on your body while you run.
  • If your going on holiday somewhere very hot/humid acclimatise gradually.