Course Aims & Objectives

Kettleblast Instructor Training Course Aims & Objectives


The aim of the Kettleblast Instructor Training Course is to provide fitness instructors with up-to-date knowledge and Continued professional Development (CPD). This certified training programme has been developed to provide the necessary tools, skills and information to support the implementation of Kettleblast Training System within your club or studio.

There are many benefits of the Kettleblast Training. This course will help you successfully plan and teach the most effective class for your participants. It will take you through each step: how to engage participants in a class, how to ensure their safety and how to accelerate their results. The Kettleblast Training Programme can help reduce the effects of obesity, diabetes and cardio-respiratory deficiencies by offering an advanced, easy to follow fitness programme. It provides a multiple of benefits for a wide demographic, incorporating diverse age ranges and physical conditions.


The instructors will take an active part in a dynamic approach to training that is designed to contribute to their professional development.

By the end of this course, instructors should be able to:

  • Identify information that needs to be gathered prior to a session
  • Identify appropriate screening methods
  • Explain the procedures for medical clearance, PAR-Q

By the end of this course instructors will discover:

  • How to use Kettleblast music to support class delivery
  • How to lern the correct techniques and teaching key points for the fundamental exercises
  • How to stricture the basic programme class design
  • The purpose and reasoning behind each phase of the class
  • The justification and scientific understanding of Kettleblast exercise selection