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The cuban cardio fighting boxing workout can increase endurance, strength, and speed. Although boxing workouts can be cruel and intense, the risk is worth the reward and The Cuban Cardio Boxing workouts consist of HIIET mixed with the latest training techiques and exercises for optimal conditioning and preparation improving helath and fitness benefits

  • Jumping rope
  • Shadow boxing
  • Heavy bag
  • Speed bag
  • Sparring
  • Weight training
  • Running
  • plyometrics

If you're looking to get into shape and back up your physique and then look further, I will reveal the best boxing workout that is guaranteed to whip you into fighting shape. The Cuban Cardio boxing workout is approximately 80-90% anaerobic and 10-20% aerobic, which is why we included HIIET along with cardio and weight training. This workout combines strength, power, speed, agility and quickness all into one to ensure you're a well-balanced fighter, Athlete or higest levels of fitness increasing performanc.

If you're not looking to become a boxer, you will need all of these things maybe for self defense and it can help you become a better athlete in type sport specific and Before getting into the actual workout, let me explain over the activities and exercises in the workout;

Benefit: Obviously being or maintaining in better shape. Being technical and have power and high endurance while in the ring is something all boxers should strive for. Otherwise they will find themselves with someone who is levels above them and a knockout will be sure to happens. As for amateur or Pro boxers or even those looking to stay crazy fit and active a boxing routine is the best option, wonderful workouts. It will give any one power and endurance. Countless hours of running, weight training and sparring will help you keep your body healthy and fit while your muscles strengthen and develop higher capacity for powerful endurance. Let's not even mention the amazing cardiovascular effect to get in. Boxers are one of the top athletes with good heart health. All the activity required in a boxing routine will be sure to help your heart stay strong and active. A boxing routine is a great way to have a healthy and long life.

Today's athletes are bigger and stronger than ever. If you look now, and compare to the 50s to 70s there is a dramatic difference. The flab is gone and it's being replaced by rock hard muscle. This is not some new training routine or some new diet. This is due to the fact that starting from the early 80s and greatly increasing, boxers have been weight training. All of the champs from our era have been training weights hard and their physiques power and performance can prove that. In the olden days coaches advised athletes including boxers to stay away from weight training. The belief was that weights would make the boxers way too big and inflexible for their own good. Well, this is a big myth and today's athletes results are living science proof. Boxers who lift are simply powerful, bigger and stronger.

The cuban cardio boxing programme mixed Weight lifting helps increase muscle mass to fat ratio. More muscle means more power and endurance. It is only wise for a boxer to weight train if they want to be the best. Forget the old school myth and focus on winning formula. Here is the weight training routine that will fit in with the rest of the boxing weekly workouts. This routine will be focused on getting more endurance, more muscle and power.

The real true I am Cuban I have followed a boxing workout to improve my cardiovascular health and fitness. It helped a lot and also prepared me for a season of physique and bodybuilding events. It gave me great muscular endurance, strenght, flexibilty coordination, agility and power. This routine is not for bodybuilders or those looking to gain mass. It is rather a routine to keep in shape and improve health and fitness benefits  and some important aspects when go to the ring. I suggest following this workout for 6-12 weeks, then measure, testing your cardiovascular strength. You will see amazing results on speed and how much good better shape you are in. The results will simply amaze you.

The Workout Boxing-MMA Fitness Prepartion: 

  • Boxing wraps
  • Boxing gloves
  • Boxing focus mitts  1 set 
  • Jumping rope

  • Set of dumbbells - two 3-5kg

The Warm-up

  • Duration: 10-15 minutes: The warmup is essential, warms your body, enables proper blood flow, and ensures more funtional and dynamic movements. remember to breathe deep all time.
  • 20 seconds light bouncing on the balls  or step or rope of your feet .
  • 20 seconds jumping jacks
 20 seconds with dumbbells
  • high knees
 jump 20 seconds
  • 20 seconds Nonstop punches while in squat position

  • Repeat 3 times


  1. 20 seconds jumping split squats
 20 seconds  cross jacks (mimic the motion of jumping jacks while crossing your arms in front of you) 
with dumbbells
  2. 20 seconds hook punches (punch in an arc so you move horizontally and up, like a modified uppercut) in squat position with dumbbells.
  3. 20 seconds mountain climbers

  4. 20 seconds squat to high knees
20 seconds rope skips - with jump rope
Rest 10 seconds

  7. Repeat 3 times

Get Ready For Workout: Duration: 10-20 minutes

Shadow Boxing: 10 minutes 
Shadow boxing prepares the body, spirit, and mind by introducing proper boxing posture, movements, and technique into the workout, feel and concentrate on the form at this time to prep for the actual punches. using the mirror for best results.

Instructions: Maintaining a correct position relaxe stance soft knees, legs staggered with one foot in front of the other if you're right-handed, your left foot will be forward, right foot back, or vice versa for lefties, embrace your core, chin down, and hands raised in front of your face go through any combination of these basic moves for 10 minutes.

Jab: Push off your back foot and snap your lead arm out quickly. You won't need to do this for shadow boxing, but for maximum power during boxing, imitate a corkscrew and twist your arm a bit to lean into the punch.

Cross: Follow an imaginary line from your chin across your body into the target with your right hand if you're a righty. You'll pivot your back foot in and garner power through that leg as you rotate your hips and punch.

Hook: To land a hook, put your weight in your rear leg and pivot your right foot while you bring your lead arm toward the target, making sure your elbow is bent at 90 degrees. Turn your hips into the punch.

Uppercut: Shift your weight slightly to the hip of your rear leg. Crouch down a bit and dip the same side's shoulder. With your palm up and arm bent 90 degrees, forcefully rotate toward your lead leg and push off the ball of your back foot, driving the punch up. Your palm should face you upon impact.

Slips and dips: This is a defensive technique where you bend your knees to lower your body a few inches. You can simply dip down or side to side, bobbing and weaving.

  • Focus Pats Work Duration 10-20 minutes

This requires a partner to hold the mitts as you strike them,  he will also get a good fat-burning workout as he or she matches your punches with the mitts.

instructions: Complete 6-8 sets of 3 minute rounds with 1 minute active rest. Working through the following combinations:

  • Jab-Cross

  • Jab-Cross–Hook

  • Uppercuts and slips with dips

  • 1 minute active rest
  • Complete 20 seconds Circuit reps of these exercises: Skiping ropes, burpees, bicycle crunches, planks superman, and high knees.
  • For more advanced, here are some more focus mitt combos: Jab-Jab-Cross
Jab-Cross-Left Hook
Jab-Right Uppercut-Left Hook-Cross

Physical Preparation 

3 minutes nonstop skiping ropes  HIIET 20 seconds mountain climbers
 - power jacks
  - pushups
 - dumbbell squat curl press (With your arms at your sides, dumbbells in either hand, squat down. As you rise, curl the dumbbells, then press them overhead.)

1. Superset: Hack Squat 3-4 set (Reps: 8-6, 4-6-, 8-15) and Dumbbell Snatch 3 Set (Reps: 8-6, 4-6-8, 8-15)
2. Giant Set Deadlifts 3 set (Reps: 10, 10-12 ,10-15) and Weighted Box Jump Reps: 8-10, 8-12, 8-15)
3. Superset Quarter Squat 3 Set (Reps: 10-15, 15-20, 20-25) and Squat Jumps 3 set (Reps: 15-20, 15-20, 15-20)
4. Abs. Decline Weighted Sit-ups – Reps: 15,15,15. Roll-outs – Reps: 15,15,15.

Cool down: No gloves 5-10 Flexibility and Streaches exercises.