Teacher and Learner Agreement

To ensure that all learners get the best out of the training, we expect tutors and learners to agree to a ‘Teacher and Learner Agreement’. The Agreement states what is expected of the tutor in the course of the training and, what is expected of the learner throughout the training and assessment.

Tutors will:

  • Work within our agreed timetable and start/finish times
  • Inform you of the purpose and process of each session
  • Use training resources that maximise your learning
  • Provide opportunities to contribute to the learning, via questions, comments and feedback
  • Inform you of the health, safety and operational rules in relation to the premises and equipment
  • Offer individual support and guidance in relation to any assessment criteria
  • Adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy

We will expect learners to:

  • Attend the training day and participate in the day as timetabled
  • Arrive at the training day at the scheduled time
  • Bring all necessary paperwork, activities and complete all home study tasks
  • Wear suitable clothing for the timetabled activity
  • Actively participate in the sessions with colleagues and as instructed by the tutor
  • Take responsibility for their own learning by communicating their progress with the tutor
  • Ask for help and guidance as and when required
  • Behave responsibly towards others and the venue, in respect of Health, Safety and Operational rules
  • Adhere to the Equal Opportunities Police
  • Adhere to any relevant professional Code of Ethics

Instructor Assessment

You will be assessed on your competence in your ability to teach a workout class to individuals and groups of participants. The assessment will take place towards the end of the Instructor Training Day/Workshop and will involve you teaching an entire 30 minute class to instructor students.

Assessment Criteria

The assessor on the day will be looking at the following criteria:

Beginning the Session:

  • Prepared the environment for safe participation
  • Welcomed class participants
  • Explained all necessary health and safety procedures and verbal screen
  • Outlined the purpose, benefits and format of the class

Delivering the Session:

  • Correct use of supportive music throughout
  • Correct and effective instruction/delivery of the planned warm-up
  • Correct and effective instruction/delivery of the planned main section
  • Correct and effective instruction/delivery of the planned cool-down
  • Explained the physical, psychological and technical demands of the planned exercise
  • Provided effective differentiation for class participants (coaching of progression and regression options)
  • Provided safe, accurate and technically sound demonstrations of planned class music exercises
  • Monitored, coached and achieved the appropriate intensity of planned class exercise
  • Used/reinforced key coaching points throughout to improve participants performance
  • Used appropriate demonstration/coaching positions teaching points throughout to enhance class delivery
  • Gained and provided feedback from/to class participants to ensure effective class participation
  • Left the environment in a suitable condition for future use and health and safety procedures

You must demonstrate competence against all of the above mentioned criteria. Please refer to the observation checklist which can be found towards the end of the Instructor Training Course Manual.

We aim to ensure that learners receive a consistently high quality of training from each and every tutor and at different venues where they are trained and assessed. To ensure a consistently high standard of training and assessment across the range of training offered, we will ensure that we will maintain a quality provision as specified in the SkillsActive Code of Practice and Quality Assurance Guideline.

The Cuban Cardio Instructor Training Course and assessment is endorsed by SkillsActive. The training contributes to your professional development and on successful completion of the training and assessment you will be entitled to the following number of REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) CPD points: Please refer to the individual Training Courses for REPs points.